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Although it is different for every culture and language, the first word that a baby speaks out like babble is mother: ‘ma, mama, mom…’ Likewise, no chains can unlock the relationship between a mother and child. Thinking of the word ‘mother,’ the first words you might associate with are cozy, warm and grateful. Although she is always beside us, we don’t notice her existence. Although we whine and sometimes even ignore her with bitter words, she always accepts and takes care of us. No matter what her immature children – we – do or how we live, our mother embraces us with generosity and stays beside us all the time. Sometimes, we feel uncomfortable with her heart so we try to get away from her for a while or act rebellious. But not that much time passes before we realize that we are eventually back in the bosom of mother. Why couldn’t we recognize mother’s great love and stay in her bosom? We childishly contradict our mom and bother her. We just love having fun away from home but when we are sick or face some difficulty, we run back to mom. We can’t actually understand the heart of our mother who worries about her children living away from home. The reason we came to the world is because of our mother and the reason we can live is also because of mother. However, we think that we live our life because we are somewhat superior. A mother is a being who unconditionally loves and embraces that selfish, self-centered child. That’s why we feel grateful and sorry. It seems that we now have to go back to our hometown where our mother lives. Just by having mother’s infinite love, we could be fulfilled and our life would no longer lack anything. I love you, mother. And, thank you.


Like the first phrase of Mama, a song by Il Divo (a male popera (pop+opera) group),

Mother, thank you for everything.


‘Mama, thank you for who I am. Thank you for all the things I’m not.’


Il Divo – Mama