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Home Alone is one of the most beloved Christmas films for the family. I also started to watch this movie when I was young and have watched it more than 30 times since then. No matter how many times I watch, it is still fun. The scenes I liked the most when I was young, were when thieves Harry and Marv are hurt by Kevin. Although I watched it more than 30 times, it is still fun and makes me laugh. But as I get older, my favorite scenes have changed: the scenes in which Kevin’s mom tries to return to her son who stays home alone in Chicago, by any means. My favorite quote is in the scene in which she tries to get a flight but all the tickets are sold out and she says she is even ready to sell her soul to the devil if she could return to Chicago where her son stays alone. I felt mom’s heart while watching it. Although I am not a mom, I could feel that all moms in the world could do anything for their kids. In another scene, she even makes a deal with old couples that if they give her their boarding passes she would give them all of her valuables like money, rings and earrings in return, just to get back to Kevin as soon as possible. She only thinks about her son – whether or not he is having some trouble or that something bad might happen to him. The scene in which she tries to get back to her son as soon as possible has truly inspired me. When I was young, I only noticed the comical scenes as it was so fun to watch Kevin hurt the thieves in various ways. But now, I pay more attention to those scenes of Kevin’s mom struggling to get back to her son.

Warm Heart Of Mom For Her Kid – Film Home Alone - Wisdom's Webzine


Unless you are an orphan, anyone has a mom at some point. But do we actually realize how much our mom loves us? Like Kevin’s mom during this film, mom is a being who can devote everything to her kids and tries to give everything so that she is even ready to sacrifice herself to save us from danger. We should really notice this kind of love from mom. That’s why we are fortunate beings. We are loved by mom.

Let us feel the love of mom once again. Mom is a being who only cares for her children in her life and embraces them in her bosom forever. Mom’s love is unconditional love.

We should not forget about it.

So why don’t you call your mom today and say, “Mom, thank you for giving birth to me and loving me”?

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