What If Someone Can Make You Live Forever?


What If Someone Can Make You Live Forever? - Wisdom's Webzine


As the title literally says, what would you do if someone came to you and told you they could make you live forever?

Of course, you cannot live forever with this body. No one could make you live forever with this body. But if someone really comes to you and tells you they can make you live forever, isn’t it a truly good story? Human’s life spans less than 100 years at the most. What else in the world could be better if your existence never ceases to exist even after your body disappears? Steve Jobs who created Apple Corp. and the iPad, died and is not present at this moment. Also, the Pop legend, Michael Jackson died and no longer exists. Your life is the most precious thing in the world, much more than money or fame, isn’t it?

We live in the world and then we die. Death is the lifespan of a body. However, what’s important is that no one in the world knows the precise answer to where we go when this body dies. There are many theories or ideas about it but we need to precisely know where we go when we die, while we are living. If you don’t know where you go after you die, while living, how could you know it when you are dead?

A good time has come. It is the time everyone has been waiting for. While our body exists here, we need to find our true mind that never dies. The true soul that is born from the true mind will live eternally, even though the physical body disappears one day, because the soul is made of the essence of the true mind. Therefore, when the method of living eternally is available in the world, we need to practice this study to find our true mind and to be born again as the soul of the true mind.

Since the method already came to the world, so many people have already become complete through the method. They are living as a complete being. In the past –during the 1920’s and 30’s, many people died out from chickenpox. However, no one dies with chickenpox nowadays because there is a vaccine. Likewise, in this generation, the method of living eternally could come out like a vaccine. As the title literally says, this question has actually been asked to you. The method of living eternally has come to the world; you came into the right generation; and so what would you do? Common sense would answer “yes” to practice the method and live forever, wouldn’t you? No matter how well you live, how rich you are, or how much you have achieved, humans are to age, get sick and die eventually. Everything comes to an end at death. Although your present life is joyful and sweet, it can’t be everlasting and will vanish someday.

The most important thing in the world is to live forever. The sky, that is the Universe, existed even before we were born, and even after this body dies, the sky, which is the Universe, exists as it is, doesn’t it? Because the existence of ourselves and our life is false and illusionary,we need to subtract the false self and life, which is the false world, and return to the originally-existing sky, the Universe. Then, we can live forever by being born again as the never-dying soul of the truth. That method – the method of subtraction – has already come out to the world. This method has already been causing a sensation throughout the world.

Moreover, the great master who has made this method has written many books. One of them has been as high as the number one best-selling book on Amazon in its category. It proves that so many people want to know this method. An enormous number of people have already become complete through this method.

Well, let’s think more carefully. Would you live only with this body that cannot even live 100 years and just vanish? Or, would you rather meet this method now, practice this meditation diligently, and live forever, reborn as the never dying soul?

The choice is yours. The method has already come out to the world. If you want to learn more, please refer to www.meditationusa.org.