Wingless Angels


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If we think of angels, we think of them as beings that have wings, wear white clothes and come down from heaven. Angels are good-hearted, exist without negative mind, always help people and do not think of themselves. We do not believe that such angels live in this world. If that creature with wings really existed in this world, the world would have probably been much more beautiful. But despite our preconceptions, angels do not always need to have wings. They look the same as human beings without wings so anyone could be an angel. If they have the angels’ mind, absent of the human mind, they are actually angels. It seems that it is now the generation when countless angel-like people do exist in the world as they are absent of the mind and so happy and joyful all the time that they help many other people. Indeed, they are wingless angels.

A condition to be an angel is that a person must not have the human mind like ordinary people. The human mind contains stress and pain, the selfish self, pride, attachments to money, love, fame and family, and all kinds of judgments and discernments. If you do not have any of such minds at all and have the pure mind of the origin, you could also be a wingless angel.

There wasn’t a bright light but darkness in the world. The root of the darkness was the humans’ selfish mind – the mind that only cares for the self. Everyone is trapped in the world of their selves, unable to see the bright light of the world and filled with loneliness and solitude. But now there exists many wingless angels in the world who are offering a hopeful hand to those exhausting people who live difficultly, trapped in themselves. Because the bright light is now present in the world and the method to change the mind of darkness to the bright mind, like the light, anyone can completely throw away the selfish mind, the mind of pain and the mind of greed and change their mind to the pure mind of the origin. Don’t you also have to become an angel and offer hands of help to those who are suffering somewhere?

Somebody said that love is also contagious like a virus. The true love comes to this dark world and is illuminating the world brightly. We should be able to see that bright light and in order to see it, we should meet the method to completely throw away the false mind that the self has made,completely throw it away, and recover our true mind.

We were born in such a great world. Let’s find a place where everyone can achieve human completion and become a wingless angel by becoming complete. It is now the time in which everyone happily coexists. So many people have actually become wingless angels and live in this way. Don’t you weep trapped alone in the dark mind of yourself. Let’s completely throw away that false mind together and recover our real mind. Let’s live together happily and joyfully forever. Such a good time has really come. Those who are willing to help you are waiting for you here. Please come quickly. Welcome!