Man Does Not Live In The World, He Is Not True But False So He Is Dead


Man Does Not Live In The World, He Is Not True But False So He Is ...


From the beginning, the world was created complete; it is already enlightened and has life. But because man is not born in this world, he is not born in the complete world. The great universe is the source of all creation. This existence, the Creator, is the source, namely, it is the sky before the sky that existed before everything came forth.

Let’s imagine for a moment that we are this existence. From this existence where absolutely nothing exists, gas came forth and exploded into a fireball. The fireball cooled into solid matter, which became the stars in the sky. From the infinite universe’s point of view, the stars and the universe are one; the star is the universe and the universe is the star. Everything that exists in the universe is all one with the universe. If, like the universe, one does not have false mind, then the individual is the whole and the whole is the individual. Everything is one; whether or not there is physical form, everything is oneness itself.

Everything that has been created is the universe itself, the complete existence; thus, without death. Even if the physical form disappears, the soul of that form is Truth. It is the eternal, never-dying immortal. That soul does not die because it is an individual entity that is one with the universe that is Truth. The source of the universe is energy and God, and all forms are expressions of this existence. Everything in the world is the shape and form of this existence.

Man however, is not born in the world. He lives in his own mind: a shadow, a copy, of the real world. Hence, he is not complete and lives inside his illusionary mind. As his mind world is false and not real, he is dead. Truth is the world and falseness is one’s own mind that has taken pictures of the world. If one copies the world and lives inside what he has copied, then he is not living in the world but in a picture. It is something that does not exist. A person living inside that non-existent world, also does not exist.

– Woo Myung