Healthy Pineapple Salsa


Tired of tomato salsa? This summer, make this pineapple salsa that is fresh, refreshing, and healthy. Pair it with grilled fish or poultry and share it at your next BBQ party!

Healthy Pineapple Salsa - Wisdom's Webzine

Pineapple Salsa

Servings: 20 persons

Fresh pineapple: 20 oz., small diced

Red onion: 4 oz., small diced

Jalapeno: 2 ea., minced

Lime zest: 2 ea.

European Cucumber: 2/3 ea., small diced

Red pepper: 1 ea., small diced

Jicama: 4 oz., small diced

Lime juice: 2 fl. Oz

Aromatic peanut oil: 2 fl. Oz.

Cilantro: 4 Tbspn., chopped

Honey: 2 Tbspn.

Salt and pepper: according to taste



  1. Chop all ingredients and combine all together.
  2. Enjoy!