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Do you want to watch a movie comfortably at home this weekend? I would strongly recommend Identity Thief. A perfect duo for American comedy films, Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, are outstanding. The simple synopsis is that Sandy Patterson (played by Jason Bateman) is an ordinary man and has an ordinary family. Diana (played by Melissa McCarthy), a lady from Florida, expropriates Sandy’s ID to make a credit card. She spends his credit card on shopping to her heart’s content. After Sandy recognizes it, he falls in danger of getting fired. He flies to Florida to find Diana and bring her back. While in Florida getting Diana, he experiences many circumstances with her. They eventually become good friends truly caring for each other. It is a comedy but also comprises heart-warming content. It is a joyful film.

There is a message from the film. Humans have scars. They have reasons for committing crimes or bad deeds. Diana had such a reason in the film. When she was young, she wasn’t loved and this left a scar. In order to hide it and fill the void, she didn’t hesitate to commit illicit acts. In criminal psychology, most criminals have dark pasts; for example, they were raised in a broken or poor family. It seems that people have the mind of wanting to be loved in their subconscious. The film is a comedy but it also has this deep context.

People have their own scars. While they are young, they might have experienced something from their parents or from school –friends or teachers. What they hear inevitably is buried inside their mind. This becomestheir sense of inferiority and even after they become mature, such scars affect them. Because human isn’t a robot, scars they have are not easily cured. Although it cannot be seen on the outside, there must be so many scars in their mind. Nevertheless, people do not know how to cure such minds or know how to be consoled. If their mind is ill, they just go to a psychiatrist to get a consultation or a prescription. Many people even hide them in fear of others laughing at them.

I would like to say that those painful minds aren’t anything to be ashamed of. Everyone lives hiding them because they don’t want to be hurt again. Many believe that if they are taking medicine people might see them as abnormal or strange. Or, they feel afraid of being seen as a problematic person. That’s why they hide them more and more. Most of the modern people, however, have mind illnesses or scars. It is not only your own problem but a problem of the entire society. There is a method to cure your mind’s scars even without medicine. What’s important is that you do not need to hide them but face pain in your mind so that you can cure it with the method. Eventually, you will live a much happier and brighter life in the future. As the method of curing your mind has come, find that method and change your life to one that is truly happy.