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I love only you. Lovers falling in love often say it. There are people who love more than one person at a time but most of the time, if you fall in love you would only see that person. If you are a guy, your girl is the prettiest and loveliest even when pretty girls are around you. There is a saying that every Jack has his Jill. If you have fallen in love, you would probably agree. However, people in this generation tend to meet and break up so easily. You are in a relationship but if you don’t like something about your girl/boyfriend you easily come to dislike her/him. You cannot endure how you feel and ultimately break up. People in this generation tend to lack patience. Marriage is also the same. The divorce rate dramatically increases as time goes by. I am not sure which country it was exactly, but there are some countries with divorce rates of 50%. It means that one out of every two couples file for divorce. Why does love change so easily? That new love feeling of nervousness and heart pounding is replaced by dissatisfaction and even contempt. Human mind changes so easily.

It was different in the past though. When people married or were in a relationship, they tolerated and endured some hardships. A couple – a guy and a girl – who have been raised in different environments meet and have a relationship. How can they be together without arguments and conflicts? Like a roller coaster, it can be good sometimes and bad other times. In love, there are ups and downs like life. Taking my parents for example, although they had complications, they endured together, exhibited empathy and tried to resolve them with conversations. They never tried to resolve them by breaking up. This is quite a problem these days. If you fall in love, you should love her/him for good. How come love could change? Human mind is so fickle like this. Can humans have the endless love, like nature, who always gives love no matter how others treat it?

Human mind is truly complicated and capricious. People have expectations in their human mind. The reason they get disappointed in someone, break up or divorce is because they expect something from one another. The expectation is the human mind; they are supposed to give everything without any expectation to the one who loves them. However, humans cannot do it, generally. They love conditionally, rather than unconditionally. True love is unconditional love. If you love someone, the reactions or conditions of that person are what matters. Shouldn’t you be able to give everything of you to that person?

If you really love someone, can you do whatever that person wants without any expectations even if you give everything? Humans have a complicated mind; it is filled to capacity. Probably, unconditional love is too much for humans who hold so many minds. I hope everyone throws away the mind completely and becomes the real mind of nature – the broad mind – so that everyone can embrace and accept others for real.