You Become Happy When You Have Gratitude


You Become Happy When You Have Gratitude - Wisdom's Webzine

Someone asked me if I was happy. If I had been asked before, I wouldn’t have been able to answer because I was wondering what happiness really was. But this time, I could answer straightaway that I was a truly happy person.

These days, I always think how blessed I am. A few days ago, I had to deliver some stuff to a very precious person. Of course, you can say that anyone can do it but at that time, but I was so grateful even just for the fact that I had arms and legs.One cloudy day, I went out to the front garden. I became happy when I saw that a little flower had bloomed in the corner of the garden. I felt grateful for the nature that silently blooms beautifully. A smile came across my face and my mind became full of joy. I also become happy when I see the purplish sky at dusk through my window along with feeling the warm air that is neither too hot nor too cold. I become happy with the smell of trees when taking a walk in the morning. The vitality I can feel while walking makes me happy.

Why do I become happy? I become happy because I feel grateful; I feel thankful; I am very happy. Every time I feel grateful, my mind is filled with happiness. If I take my failure as gratitude, disappointment even changes to happiness. When thinking of my dad who gave me a beautiful name, I am happy. I am grateful and happy that I have my mom who gave me birth. Does it sound too insignificant? The best medicine for happiness is gratitude and thankfulness. If you feel grateful, there is nothing you want to complain about. If you feel thankful, your mind becomes filled with happiness.

I also did not know it before. I always had some expectations so I felt lacking. However, with the method of this meditation, I threw away the false mind completely and I now know. I can see the world of gratitude so clearly, which I could not see at all as I was trapped in my mind world. If you look around a bit more carefully, the world is full of things you feel grateful for. Actually, there isn’t anything you don’t feel grateful for.

If you have no gratitude at all, why don’t you practice this meditation from now on? Plant the seeds of gratitude in your mind. Thanks to the ground while walking. Thanks to the sky. Thanks to all of the people around you. Thanks for having work to do today. Say it every moment so that your mind could hear. When you say thank you, your mind truly becomes happy.

Thank you.


To my enemies,

Thank you for teaching me

That I have enemies remaining in my mind


To those who scold me, to those who nag me,

Thank you for teaching me

That I have scolding and nagging in my mind.


When I see faults in others,

I will know that those faults are in me

And be thankful


When I have discomforts in my mind because of this thing or that thing

I am thankful for that mind.


– Woo Myung