Find True Happiness And True Self


"Find True Happiness And True Self." - Wisdom's Webzine


Andres Delgado / Elevator Technician / Woodhaven, NY

Before this meditation, my life had turned into a maze of emotions. Slowly I was starting to become a person filled with anger and despair. I was never satisfied and I was without hope. I felt empty. But somehow, I always had a gut feeling that there must be a way out. Life was too precious, so I began to search within. By meditating at home without guidance, I was trying to keep an empty mine. It wouldn’t last long, though, and I would find myself back where I started.

This experience helped me to realize that the root of my despair was “me.” Even though it did not mean much it helped me to keep an open mind for any kind of help.

When I found this meditation brochure and read it, I found it to be the perfect method. It was very simple and straight-to-the-point. That point was “cleanse your mind and find true happiness and your true self”. I felt very happy that somehow I found this meditation at the right moment in my life.

So I began this meditation. It wasn’t easy for me being the first member of my family to try something “different” like this meditation. I was also attending college at the same time, but regardless of all the difficulties I faced, I never stopped doing this meditation.

To this day I have never felt more alive and I can see and feel the true purpose of my existence. I am fulfilled. I have a strong conviction. I am no longer afraid. I am truly alive. I can only share my story and hope that it will help you to find true happiness. Regardless of what race, religion or nationality you are from or what life experiences you have gone through I can guarantee that true happiness exists. It is here now and will be here forever.


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