I Am On The Right Path In Search For My Answers


"I Am On The Right Path In Search For My Answers." - Wisdom's Webzine


Izuannette Garcia-Cintron/Family Service Specialist/Astoria, NY

For many years I was in search for something. What that something was I did not know. All I knew was my life was spiraling downwards with disappointments, worries and anxieties. I was struggling at work as my stress level increased. At home my family relationships were falling apart and my love life had already vanished many years prior. With everything around me deteriorating I began a search for the truth. I wanted to know what was it that had allowed this to happen. I tried many things including going to a psychic for answers or changing my circumstances. This is when this meditation found me.

After reading the stories and statistics on how it had helped many others, I visited the nearby center at Bayside. With open arms the helpers introduced and showed me the steps to get to the truth. The first couple of days I would say were the hardest as I began to realize how much of my stress, worries and anxieties I held on to. I could not believe how much of a struggle it was to let go of these “pictures” in my mind. I would always say before “I’m fine” or “that doesn’t matter anymore” but truly I was not fine.  Much of my past “pictures” stayed with me in the present unconsciously and affected my perspective.

The perspectives of how I related to people or why I would over react to certain situations. This meditation allowed me to see this more clearly. The guidance of the helpers made a difference each day. By the time I finished the first level I felt like weights of burden have been lifted. This is what makes this meditation different since there is a method to follow and helpers to guide you. The helpers would be there to answer any questions or assist you if you are struggling.  You are not left alone in the battle because this meditation can be used anytime, anywhere.

By using this method I was able to handle situations or look at them with more clarity. I had developed a self-awareness to eliminate my thought to live in the present.  I worried less and trusted that it will be ok. When the tasks became harder at work and in school I would get the job done, if not better. The less quantity of pictures I had in my mind the better quality in life I would see. This is only the beginning of my journey for I am in level four now. As much as I can explain my own experience it is something you need to experience for yourself in order to understand, for it is within all of us. By taking this opportunity I know now I am on the right path in search for my answers.  I have found serenity in my life thanks to this meditation.

more information  www.meditationusa.org