This Meditation Is The Answer To My Prayers


"Meditation Is The Answer To My Prayers." - Wisdom's Webzine


Susan Ald /Retired Teacher/ Bayside, NY

Through my many years I have had many losses, hurts, and disappointments. Yet, I managed to keep going always believing that I would make it through. Little by little I kept losing myself through frustration, pain, despair, worry, and anxiety. I never believed we were here on earth to struggle and fight through so many obstacles. Yet, that was the path I was on.

I tried endless approaches to be free of all my conflict: Tai Chi, yoga, self help seminars, books, writings, acupuncture, hypnosis, spiritual clubs, western meditation, extensive travels, volunteer work, exercise, dance, crafts, etc. I did find some relief, but, always temporary. The ups and downs became exhausting. Through all my accomplishments as a teacher, head of small businesses, a spiritual counselor, a healer, hospice volunteer, etc. the fulfillment and joy were short lived. No matter where I turned I felt lost.

More often than not I always felt I was missing something, always searching only to discover that I was going around in circles. How could I enjoy the present when my past obstacles were pulling me back? How could I enjoy the present when I was living with fears of the future? I was stuck right in the middle feeling imprisoned.

One year ago, this meditation found me. At the time I didn’t know that a pamphlet left in a store would change my life forever. I was no longer experiencing endless stress. My health started to improve. Life became not only easier, but, also more peaceful and joyful. Most important I was no longer lost. I was given direction and guidance to finally be free and be the “me” I was supposed to be. I have finally found my passion. I now have purpose and direction. This meditation is the answer to my prayers.


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