Now I Wake Up In The Mornings Without Fear And Anxiety


Now I Wake Up In The Mornings Without Fear And Anxiety.


Elaine / Boston, MA

I’ve read there is a physical law that says that all quantum evolutionary leaps forward are preceded by a state of chaos, whether with cells or galaxies or anything in between.

My life was in a state of chaos. I had suffered many losses and had been battling depression for years with intermittent episodes of suicidal thoughts. Every morning I would awaken with overwhelming feelings of fear and hopelessness.

I was constantly at odds with myself and with the circumstances of my life. I had taken advantage of every opportunity that presented itself in my quest for “the answer,” but somehow none were ever fully and completely that answer.

One day I picked up a little booklet called Cleansing Mind and Body, How to Subtract Your Way to Freedom. It was about this meditation–my quantum evolutionary leap! In three months by simply subtracting pictures created by my false mind, I’ve seen changes in my life I never would have expected. My burdens of pain and stress have lightened.

I struggle less with life. I’m happier. My depression has decreased dramatically, and now I wake up in the mornings without fear and anxiety.

I’m more patient and not so judgmental and negative now, which lightens the burdens of those around me, and others have begun to comment on the changes in me.

I am so very grateful for this meditation method of cleansing the mind and becoming eternal Truth, to be on the path to Completion, not in many many years or in many lifetimes, but in a short span of time. I can hardly wait to see what these next months will bring!

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