A Love Story Of The Wolverine Who Has Found A Purpose In Life


A Love Story Of The Wolverine Who Has Found A Purpose In Life

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This is the sixth installment in the X-Men series that develops a story after the fifth installment, the Last Stand. In the last scene of X-Men: The Last Stand, Wolverine (starring Hugh Jackman), unavoidably has to kill the woman he loves, Jean Grey (starring Famke Janssen), because she could not handle her powers. Since then, he suffers from the sense of guilt that he has killed someone he loves. He goes to a mountain and lives in seclusion from others. As we already know, Wolverine is an immortal being. Even after he is stabbed or shot, his body is able to heal. However, he actually hates himself. Although he is living and breathing, he cannot feel life – the everlasting life – because he is not with someone he loves. That is, he roams around, not being able to find a true purpose for his life. However, by chance, he goes to Japan after receiving a call from a famous affluent man, Yashida, and meets his granddaughter, Mariko. He falls in love with her. He feels that his life is changing by her. He, therefore, puts all of his power and passion to keep and protect her. This is a short synopsis of The Wolverine. Different from the previous installments of The X-Men or other superhero films, this film weighs more on romance. It could disappoint some of the fans who expect fabulous action scenes, to some extent. However, many critics have favorable comments about how Wolverine’s pure love of mankind and his ability to overcome anguish are truthfully portrayed. It has also had a successful box-office run.

We all live in the world but some have bright eyes whereas some are lethargic and look hopeless. What would be the difference between them? It can be found from the film, the Wolverine. Wolverine roams without reason and purpose in his life, but after he meets Mariko, he falls in love with her and finds a purpose of living for her. He suddenly comes to have passion in his life and becomes energetic. This would be the difference – having or not having a purpose in life.

Likewise, we must have purpose and meaning in our life. Ask yourself now – Do I have a clear purpose and meaning in my life? However, if our reason and purpose are confined to such simple things as earning good money, having a good love or marriage, becoming successful, there is a limit. What I mean is that we should look at the bigger picture. Seeing from the viewpoint of the universe, the life we live would be shorter than a second. Although humans live, we live shorter than 100 years. Anyone is born, lives and dies someday.

Therefore, the fundamental reason and purpose of life are not to simply eat and live in the world. We are born to live forever. Humans should have the true mind that has existed even before our existence, and so, while living, we must find the true mind that is never-changing and never-dying. We must become that immortal mind even though the body vanishes one day. Think about it. What else in the world would be better than living forever? Let’s have a clear purpose of life. If we are to live, let’s find our real, true mind and live happily forever together in the true world. Now, such a good generation has come.