Happiness Is When Doing For A Person You Love


Happiness Is When Doing For A Person You Love - Wisdom's Webzine

People want to be happy. They endlessly search for happiness. And they must have those moments of happiness but actually, because of it, unhappiness comes along. Because of the longing for that happy moment, the present moment that is not so becomes unhappy; and the present moment, in which you are waiting and yearning for it, is unhappy.

Now, let’s change like this. Let’s not yearn for the happiness that passed by nor wait for happiness that will come in the future. Let’s think about now. What makes me happy right now is a person I love. A person other than myself makes me truly happy. It can be exhausting and difficult when doing for myself. But when doing for a person I love, the same work becomes joyful. When that person says she/he is happy, I become happy endlessly. When thinking about what I could do to make the person I love happy, I once again become energetic. When I used to try to become happy, it was so difficult and unattainable. However, that happiness just comes along when living for happiness of a person I love. How amazing it is! I feel grateful again, which again makes me happy.

Why don’t you try to make another person happy, not for yourself? Live for a person you love, a person who loves me and your precious someone. If you look around, there must be one. There must be one who is worrying, loving and waiting for you. You might not have recognized the person, yet. Let’s find that person. And live for that person from now on. Let’s do anything to make a person you love happy and joyful. If you have mind, when you love someone and if that person doesn’t recognize your love, you feel sad. Instead of having that kind of love, let us just love them wholeheartedly, without condition. If you have no self in your mind and live only for that person, you will just become the happiest person in the world.