We Were One. Remembering The 9/11 Tragedy


We Were One. Remembering The 9/11 Tragedy - Wisdom's Webzine


September 11, Osama Bin Laden, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center may stir some memories for Americans. Not just the US, but the whole world was in shock. Many people were injured or killed because of this tragedy. However, human beings become stronger after experiencing difficulties. Back then, firefighters put their life on the line and desperately struggled to save another life. Although their life was not easy, they fundraised and some even donated their wealth to help people who lost their family or was injured from the catastrophe. Back then, we were one. If you remember that incident, you might agree with this saying: Sharing happiness doubles it while sharing sadness halves it. People took care of them as if they were their own family, sacrificed their life to save another’s life, consoled them together, and mourned together. Although Americans must have been overwhelmed in shock, everyone’s mind became one and got closer to one another.

In modern society, people are individualist. Although we say that it is a selfish society where people only care for themselves, human beings have an amazing ability to become one in a crises. You can also see it in sports. Such sports as baseball or football especially need teamwork. Even though there is an excellent and outstanding player, if he cannot become one with his team members, he is unable to show his strength. A common characteristic of winning teams is that they have extremely good ties and teamwork. Everyone makes up for others’ faults and cheers each other up. When their strengths are gathered together, it becomes synergy and influences the outcome. On the other hand, losing teams have members complaining about each other and not trusting one another. They just play individually.

After 9/11, many people were rescued and society was brought to a more normal synergetic state in such tough circumstances. It was possible because all the people stood together as one and tried together to overcome them. We should not forget the learning from the tragedy. People say their current situations are too tough and the economy is so bad. Problems occur at work and people’s minds do not become one. Family relationships are the same, too. Couples divorce and separate. They all care for themselves and do not try to become one with others. At this time, we should remember the things that were learned from the 9/11 tragedy. We must reflect on ourselves to see if we are lacking understanding and consideration for others and if we ourselves are trying to become one with others in our life.

When becoming one, everyone can become happy and everyone can live well together. Rather than having the generation of competing and hating each other, why not greet the generation of becoming one, where everyone embraces and considers one another so that everyone lives together as one?