Fall Is The Season Of Harvest


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It is fall now. Of course, there are some differences between regions but as the hot summer departs, the cool breeze begins to blow. You might be aware already, but farmers start to harvest grains or rice mostly in the fall. If you go to states with vast plains, such as Indiana, you can often see grain farming. Fall is the busiest season for farmers. You can also see rice farming a lot in Asian countries, such as Korea, Japan and China, where their main food is rice. They also say that they are the busiest in fall. They sow seeds in spring and take good care of the grains, summer passes and when it comes to fall, grains grow ripe and they need to be harvested. Maybe, farmers might be busy and a bit exhausted but it must be the happiest season of the year. They harvest in fall and make as much profit as possible, and then they spend winter investing and preparing for the next harvest.

It is different between cities and states but there are four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Fall is called the season of harvest. As there are four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter – every year, it is said that the universe also has spring, summer, fall and winter. Spring is a season of sowing seeds, that is, the population of the time when our ancestors lived was few (although we cannot get the exact figure). The current population of the world is approximately seven billion, and it is said that the population has reached its peak now. As the population is at its highest, younger generations are not fond of having children.

Let’s suppose that the universe, or the creator, is a farmer of the world. The population gradually increases in spring, it dramatically increases in summer and eventually it will get to its peak. If you were a farmer, would you buy only 1000 seeds and sow them or buy 7 billion, seed them all and harvest as many as possible? You would probably take the latter. Likewise, when the population has reached its peak – 7 billion – by nature’s flow of the universe, the universe’s season fall will arrive, the season of harvest. So what does it mean by harvest here? Seeds are sown in spring and crops are grown during summer and harvested when they are ripe and ready in the fall; humans become complete in the fall, a season of harvest, and can live in the true world.

No one has ever become complete so far. Because humans are incomplete, humans yearn and search for the truth and some spend their whole lifetime being curious about where human comes from, why he lives and where he goes. So far, it has been the fate of people to meet death. However, in fall, a season of harvest, such curiosities can be solved and a reason why they can be solved is because humans become the mind of the truth by throwing away the false mind, human mind that they have; and so, they get to know everything as from the standpoint of the universe. Moreover, humans become complete while living. Complete humans are the truth and thus, they do not die forever. This would mean that they are harvested.

The generation has now come when you can confirm and prove by yourself that you have become the eternally-living truth, while living. It is now the fall season. The universe, or the creator, has given the method of making human complete to the world. Now, anyone can become a complete person, which is the never-dying truth, through the method, while living. Countless people have already become so.

For those who did not grasp this explanation, let me add a simple explanation. The truth must be something everlasting and living. There is only one everlasting and living existence in the world. It is the infinite universe emptiness that existed forever ago – even before the world was created, and will exist as it is even after the materials in the world disappear someday. This infinite emptiness of the universe is the truth, and also our original mind and the original foundation. While living, anyone can become one with this original mind, the infinite universe emptiness, by throwing away the false mind and the self that are false. If one is reborn as a never-dying soul there, the soul of the original mind that has become complete, lives as it is forever, even though the physical body that is material would die and disappear 100 years later. It is completion and it is to be harvested. The method of becoming complete that everyone has been waiting for has now come to the world. The reason and purpose of our birth into the world is not simply earning money, living and eating, aging, dying and disappearing. The true reason and purpose is to return to the original mind, while living, and be born again there and live forever.

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