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Let’s talk about Avatar, the number one all-time American box office hit that had spectacularly opened the generation of 3D films. It has magnificent visual art but its scenario is also brilliant. The real world and the false world… If you have watched Avatar, you would know what it means. From the human perspective, the real world in the movie is referred to the world we are living and the false world is the world of Avatars where huge archaeopteryxes fly and a huge blue colored species live. We regard the world distant from the human world as the false world. I won’t talk about the synopsis of Avatar. But what I would like to talk about is – to borrow Avatar’s motto – that the world we live in now seems real but is actually the false world, like a virtual world where Avatars live.

It would be difficult to understand but this concept is depicted not only in Avatar but also in the Matrix with Keanu Reeves. Humans do not live in the world of reality but in a programmed false world. Matrix says that we should escape from the false world and live in the real world. Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise also depicts the world where you live in the world of a dream and when falling off from the top of a building in the end, you actually come to the world of reality. Truman Show with Jim Carrey says that the life that you live is not real but a movie and a stage, and in the ending scene when you escape from the stage of the fake life, you really find the true life, the life of freedom. Also in the film Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio, it seems that humans live in the world of reality, mistaking the world in their mind as the world of reality because it looks exactly the same, but humans live in a dream, in their mind.

Just as we have found in movies, you will find similar concepts in philosophy books. One of the Chinese sages said that life is a dream. Many western philosophers said that life is a bubble that can disappear in an instant and before this happens, you need to wake up from the dream. Many people have already mentioned this. But it is true that the life you live is not real and has never been real.

In your life, you have more things that don’t work out as you wish than things going your way. This is because the life you live now is controlled by your mind’s program that is already in place. That program is determined by what you have taken a picture of in your life. These pictures are what make up your mind world. Where you live now is not the world of reality but in the mind world that overlaps the real world. Let us prove this now. When bringing up thoughts, you can bring up many thoughts. Let’s think about this morning when you had breakfast after waking up. Close your eyes for a moment and think about it. You can vividly recall where you had breakfast and whom you had it with. And, you can also bring up yourself having food. Like this, you did not have breakfast in the world but in your mind.

If you think about what you did an hour ago, it can also be brought up in your mind. You are always in your mind. Our body is like a camera so it keeps taking pictures. The body keeps taking pictures from the time you were born until the present and even at this moment. It has been recording and making a videotape. If you think of this moment before going to sleep, you would be able to bring it up. Everything is taken as pictures in your mind. It is clear evidence that you are not living in the world but in your mind.

Because you are breathing and eating, you mistakenly think that you are alive but humans exist as a picture in their mind – they are dead. Life is a dream. It is false. You need to wake up from that false world. The work of waking up must be done while you are living. 60 billion are living in the world but each one of them is living in their own mind world. Thus, no one lives in the world. If we die trapped in pictures, we die forever.

The same happens in a film Inception, doesn’t it? If you die in the mind world, it is the same as dying forever because your brain is dead.  You should never die in the dream. Likewise, we are the same. This world we are living in now is the world of pictures that we ourselves have made; it is the world of the mind. It is a world of pain and stress if you live in it. You need to destroy this world of pictures, the world of your mind, completely as soon as possible and live out in the world of reality. The world of reality is the non-material world, and so you live forever.

Although we live, shouldn’t we live forever? The method has come out to the world and a good time when anyone can live happily forever in the true world has come. Don’t miss this time and acknowledge quickly that the world you are living in is the false mind world. Find the place where the method of escaping from it is taught and start it right now. There is nothing more important than this. The most important thing is to save yourself.