My Father Is The World’s Best Farmer


My Father Is The World's Best Farmer - Wisdom's Webzine


I was born in the country. My dad and mom ran an apple farm. So since I was young, I pretty much only ate apples. My father was more diligent than anyone else in the world. People usually work more diligently when they are sure about what they get in return. However, my father had made no calculations at all and his mindset was that he would work a few times more diligently than others all the time. Ordinary people calculate expected profits before taking actions but my father never did.

The apple business was not easy. It needs a lot of physical labor and pesticides must often be sprayed to protect apples from bugs. Although it was very tough work, my father did not use any labor but did all by himself. In order to minimize the costs, my father really worked hard without using labor even though he must have been exhausted. I am his son but could not be as diligent as him. I was lazy and hated laboring. In particular, it was hell for me to work under the boiling sun during summertime. Of course, it is fine now as I got used to it. But back then, I hated it so much. So, I always admired my father. Even in tough situations, he never complained and went through all of the hardships for us. He silently worked for us. I thought my father was like an ant. He only works, never taking rest, like ants. Honestly speaking, if you were the owner/operator of an apple farm, you could live comfortably and just play with the money. But no matter who sees my father, he does not look like the farm owner.

One day, when a client visited my father’s farm, my father was working so hard on the farm. The client looked around and thought my father was just a laborer. He did not even talk to my father. The client eventually went back without being able to find my father. My father is the owner but never shows any sign of being a boss. He does not look the part. He is just a farmer. He only thinks about one thing and does only that. He does not really have useless thoughts or calculations like ordinary people. He is truly pure. I admire my father. And thanks to him, our apple farm became the best farm in our region with the best produce. It also had very good sales. Other owners of same-sized apple farms were also curious about our farm. Many of them called or visited my father to ask him the secret of his prosperous farming business. Every time, my father said, “Just work ten times harder than ordinary people do. Then, you can do everything. You cannot fail at all in any business.”

That is really true. I had the most diligent father in the world. It would have been weird if he did not succeed in his business. I am still not as diligent as my father but because I have such a great father, I keep trying to be diligent. Of course, I know that I cannot be like my father. However, I want to try my best in what I do, diligently and honestly. I am truly a happy person because I have such a wonderful father, the world’s best farmer.