A Story Of A Fruit


A Story of a Fruit

“Mooo- What is it?”

“Bow Wow~! Can I eat it too?”

“Folks, it is the most precious treasure in the world.”

Real rest is joy when you rest after work.

Because there is always fruit, an ‘outcome,’ as a result of ‘action.’

The farmer says, “Do you know how many things have contributed so that one fruit can come into the world?”

Even the ‘action’ I have done is actually not done by me, but by the ‘world.’

Those who have ‘truly’ worked will know.

And, in order to have fruits, an outcome,

The sun, wind, water, earth and humans,

They must harmoniously carry out their role ‘altogether.’

Nature gives out everything without mind,

Fruits, outcome of that love, are generously consumed for the world.

A body of a fruit becomes the nutrients for another body,

And the seed is the beginning of another life.

So, everything and everyone in the world are beautiful fruits.

Right at this moment, look back at yourself and think.

Am I really a treasure-like fruit of the world?

What can this fruit return for the world?

* Illustration by H  |  Story by J