The Reason Why People Fear Death


The Reason Why People Fear Death - Wisdom's Webzine

When I was a child, I was really afraid of water. So I hated swimming the most. I had a fear that I might die because I could not float on water. To cure my problem, my mom forced me to go to the swimming pool during summer vacation at the junior high school. My mom secretly enrolled me in a swimming class. But strangely, my fear of water disappeared. During my entire vacation, I became fond of water and learned to swim. Since then, during vacation time, I urged my mom to go to the beach whenever possible.  People say that they are afraid of something, but it is only because they have not experienced it and do not know about it. Similarly, because people aren’t familiar with death, they are not too fond of the word death. Just like I was afraid of water when I was young, people feel afraid of death because they have never experienced it. Moreover, because they do not know where they go after death they are afraid of it. It is just like embarking on a journey to an unknown world.

Then, why don’t you think like this? What if you find the never-dying mind, while living, become one with that mind, and get reborn as a soul of that mind? Would you still feel afraid? It is like having insurance. It is guaranteed that you never die. Thinking with commonsense, our body has a lifespan. Everyone dies someday. You cannot live with this body forever and nothing is guaranteed. However, if you have the never-dying mind of Truth while living, that true mind, or soul that has been born again from the true mind, will live forever. If you have this while living, you would not be afraid of death even though the body gets old and its lifespan ceases one day; because, the soul lives forever even though the body dies. In this way, the everlasting life is guaranteed to you while living. Doesn’t it sound as good as a dream?

What would be good about becoming a billionaire in the world if human life is finite? Upon death, you cannot take anything at all. A Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang, who built the Great Wall, said that he would have given everything he had if he could have everlasting life. Likewise, humans are afraid of death, and they want to continue their life even after death.

At this point, I would like to deliver very fascinating news. Now, anyone can find the never-dying mind of Truth while living. The method of becoming the Truth that lives forever – living forever with this mind even though the body dies – has come out to the world. Let’s think about it in this way. In the past, many people died from illnesses because vaccines or medicines hadn’t existed yet. However, lots of good medicines and vaccines are available now so many people can be cured of illnesses nowadays.  Just as these remarkable developments have been made in the medical field, the mind has also improved; and thus, the method that human can live forever while living has now come out to the world.

The method is scientific and systematic so anyone can easily understand it. If you find the true mind with the method of throwing away the false mind, that mind of Truth never dies, which is the non-material, real existence. If you become one with that mind and are reborn as a never-dying soul from there, the soul of the true mind exists as it is even when  your body vanishes someday. The true mind is that emptiness of the Universe that existed forever ago, and this infinite emptiness of the Universe that will continue to exist as it is even after forever – even after all materials in the world disappear. This Universe emptiness is our original foundation. We all came out from this existence and return to this. This existence is our true mind. It is not hollow anymore at all. Anyone can naturally find this mind while throwing away and subtracting the false mind of the self. Anyone can become complete. This generation of becoming complete has come. The generation where anyone can become the never-dying Truth and live as it has come.

You should meet this right method and right teacher who teaches this as soon as possible. While living, you also must obtain the exact answer to the most important matter in human life: whether to die forever or to live forever. But most importantly, you yourself should become so. If you can become Truth while living for real, the place that teaches this Truth would be true, wouldn’t it? The teacher, who teaches that truth, would also be truth. Right? It is not important who Truth is or not. Now is the generation of proof. So, if you yourself become the real Truth, you will get to know all. Before making judgments whether it is right or wrong, why don’t you practice the meditation of emptying out the mind through the method? The answer is right here.