What It Is That We Call Family…


What It Is That We Call Family... - Wisdom's Webzine


The conventional view is that a family is composed of biologically bonded people sharing blood. However, I believe that a family is a group of people whose mind has become one. When people’s minds become one, it means that they trust one another. To believe means to become one. If we see major league baseball, we often hear about‘team work.’ When team members, managers and coaches become one – when they have a fellowship like a family, they almost never lose games. They become an unbeatable, winning team. It is to trust and depend on one another. We cannot easily trust others but we can trust and depend on our parents, spouse or siblings rather easily.

However, in modern society, the divorce rate has dramatically increased over the years. What does it mean? Trust breaks down and many breakups occur. Having a married relationship means to become a family. Becoming a family is that their mind becomes one, they trust and forgive each other, and are able to reconcile even when they fight from time to time. They could not overcome that and they eventually become separated from a union of family. Although family members trust each other and become one, it doesn’t mean they still couldn’t have conflicts and fights. It is actually normal to quarrel. But how could a family become separated due to such things? It isn’t common sense. Back in the 1940’s, divorce wasn’t commonplace and was not a viable option for people.

Even though you think that some family members may not be good enough for you, you should be able to accept them and be together with them as you are destined to be with them. Isn’t it what we call family? When living life, it is not that we always live with goodness. But it doesn’t make sense that you break this union just because you hate it. Why should we separate and avoid each other? That is because everyone’s mind is different. Humans live in their own world, so if the world population is seven billion, there are seven billion different individual mind worlds.Therefore, they cannot see each other’s mind world and end up arguing that they are better and that their opinions are right. They cannot trust each other and hurt each other, and finally just resort to separation.

A real family is when members have one mind and take on the roles they are given. The union called family does well together and accomplishes what they are intended to accomplish. It is a union wherein they share joy together. Do not become a family whose members hate and resent each other but be the one whose members forgive and love each other so that they can all share joy together.