Now Is the Generation of Mind Subtraction


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In our life, we empty trash cans frequently. Otherwise, the trash becomes rotten and gives off a bad odor. Moreover, if the trash can is full you cannot throw away more trash. We also use a toilet after eating food and discharge the waste. If something useless piles up it is normal to discard it. However, what do we do with our mind? Have you heard of subtracting the mind? For instance, when stress builds up, people shout, sleep, watch interesting movies or drink alcohol. It is a stress management strategy. But mind accumulates like trash filling up a trash can. If mind is collecting but not emptied out, it too has a bad smell.

Have you actually heard of a method that you can actually throw away the mind? It is easy to talk about but no one – from school or from home – has taught us how to actually throw away the mind. Teachers and parents themselves do not even know such a method. Before cell phones existed, it was only possible to talk on the phone at home, but now technology has developed such that anyone can talk on the phone from almost anywhere. Like this, the technique of throwing away the mind has come out to the world and anyone can easily throw away the mind. It has become the time that anyone can live freely and happily with the true mind.

Our mind must be thrown away and subtracted. Just as unnecessary body waste is discharged from our body, unnecessary things must be discarded. But currently, humans fill up their mind completely and do not throw it away. Let’s suppose that you are 40 years old now. For 40 years, you have never emptied out your mind and continue to add all kinds of negative minds, such as pride, inferior mind, anger, hatred and jealousy. So as you get older, you come to have illnesses and you suddenly become blue, depressed, lonely or angry without particular reasons because your mind is full of toxins. It is the same principle as when your body gets sick when you eat too much and you can’t empty out quickly enough. If a trash can is absolutely full but not emptied out, trash becomes rotten with a bad smell. Our mind is exactly the same.

Now, the generation that you subtract your mind has come. There is an organization that teaches you how to subtract the mind. (Please refer to WWW.MEDITATIONUSA.ORG) This organization is a non-profit organization and has over 350 local centers. The method of subtracting the mind is very rational and systematic. It is this meditation organization that many people love so much from all around the world.

This meditation method is very different from existing meditation techniques. They guide you systematically so that everyone can easily subtract the mind. Now, anyone can easily meet this meditation method while carrying out their duties at home and workplaces as local centers are located at many places around the world. Your mind has been accumulated a lot. Now is the generation of subtraction. You do not need to hold such unnecessary mind. Let’s subtract that mind now!