One Direction – The Conditions to Become a Star



Do you know One Direction? If you are a teenager in your early twenties or a parent with teenaged kids, you might have heard of them. One Direction is a boy band composed of five handsome British boys who continue the pedigree of the 90’s and the early 2000’s hot groups, Backstreet Boys or N Sync. They were formed in 2010. They were not originally together but each of them joined a popular British audition program called The X Factor UK, season 7. With excellent singing and performances, they made it to the finals, and through the process, they formed a team called One Direction. The notoriously critical judge of The X Factor, Simon Cowell, was impressed by their talent and brought them to his own management corporation Syco Columbia. They debuted from there and soon they became an idol group for girls around the world. They were popular enough to be at the top of the charts in the UK, and soon in 2012, they captured the United States and achieved number one on the Billboard chart.

Recently, their documentary film, One Direction: This Is Us, also received success in the American box office at number one in its first week. What has made them flourish? Evidently, so many young people in the world strive to become a celebrity like the Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. This is why audition programs, such as American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and the X Factor, are popular. People have a desire for success and popularity in their mind.However, it is said that the probability of being successful is actually 0.0001%. Although many people produce their own albums, how many albums are actually loved by the public? There are thousands of young boys who go through tough times with so much effort to become a popular celebrity. However, it is almost impossible to become a well-known group like One Direction. What has made One Direction so successful?


One Direction - The Conditions To Become A Star - Wisdom's Webzine

Have you watched American Idol? Millions of contestants are involved in the auditions. Simon Cowell is one of the reasons why American Idol is interesting. To receive a compliment from him, you must be extraordinarily good. He throws biting remarks so easily that he has brought many contestants to tears. If you see him do that first, you might think that he is a brutal man with negative thoughts. However, if you keep watching the program, you may soon become his fan. Simon Cowell is not negative but is a true advisor who gives contestants the most realistic advice and his honest opinion. This means that it is almost impossible to capture the attention of the public with talent that is just good. Individual contestants believe that they are good and talented as singers so they enter the competition but the reality is quite different. The probability of becoming a star is literally 0.0001%. One Direction was able to capture the critical Simon Cowell’s heart and thus, he voluntarily offered producing for them. Some people might say that a reason for One Direction’s popularity is that they are handsome young boys. It may not be completely off base.

If you have some free time, I recommend you watch their live performances on YouTube. Their singing and dancing talents are tremendous. They truly have talent that was good enough to defeat thousands of competitors and go on to the final of The X Factor. They are fitted with monster-like talents that have captured people’s eyes as well as Simon’s.It means that they have competitiveness and talent but they also put enormous effort in their work.

There are thousands of different cell phones in the world. Above all other cell phones, the best that people enjoy the most are surely Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S. Why is it so? The quality of the products is quite high compared to others. People are the same in that they consume quality products. If the product is of poor quality, no one would buy it. The same principle lies with One Direction. There are thousands of young boys who have gathered for a competition, so these five boys must be outstanding and fitted with exceptional talents.

The condition for becoming a star, of course, does requires some luck. However, most importantly, it requires talent. One must have the talent and a personality that could move others’ hearts to become successful. Watch One Direction’s music video and you will see the energy emanate from these five young guys. You can also try your best to become a mogul in your field so that others exclaim at your talents and success.