The Whole World Is One Family


The Whole World Is One Family - Wisdom's Webzine


We, the world’s people, are one. We frequently see the phrase saying ‘we are one.’Organizations such as UN Peace organizations have this motto. Also, in the world of sports – like football and baseball – where teamwork is an important factor, it is usually emphasized for a team to become one. However, not many people know what exactly is meant by the words,“people are one” or “we are one.”

What does it mean by oneness? Oneness should mean the origin. Oneness is where we came from and where we will go. Even before we were born, the infinite universe existed. Human’s lifespan is less than one hundred years, and the earth where we live, stars, moon and sun all have a lifespan. Everything that came as material in the world has a lifespan so it disappears one day. However, the emptiness of the infinite universe does not disappear. You probably would not hear that the emptiness vanishes. People mistakenly think that the emptiness of the universe is nothing and dead. However in fact, this existence is a living existence that has a body and mind, like we have body and mind. This is one enormous soul and because this existence is living, stars came out, the sun came out and all life came out from here. Humans came out from here, too. Therefore, this existence is our birthplace. Everyone in the world – although nationalities and races might be different– came out from this universe emptiness. Aren’t we, therefore, one?

We were originally born in the universe but also, where we go after we die is also the infinite universe emptiness. However, people have made all kinds of conceptions and customs, forgotten this original birthplace, and are living within the world of conceptions and habits that they themselves have made. When we see nature, trees, birds and grass exist as they are – as nature – and coexist without places of relations, school ties or discrimination. No elements in nature make conceptions like humans, such as ‘I am superior, someone is worse off, someone is from where, and someone is like this or like that.’They do not have discernments and judgments, do they? Nature is complete in the way the nature is; and thus, it just lives and just exists.

Only humans have all kinds of thoughts, conceptions and habits, and live trapped in them. They cannot help but live in pain and suffering. Humans cannot live with the mind of the infinite universe emptiness, the original place of oneness. They cannot also live with the mind of nature and live difficultly with complicated human mind. Let’s think about it. Say that there is a method of eliminating the human mind –complicated thoughts, all kinds of conceptions and habits – in this world. Just as scribbling is erased with an eraser, everyone in the world eliminates the human mind completely with a method of erasing human’s complicated thoughts and minds and goes back to the mind of nature, the original mind of the universe. How peaceful would it be?

So far, we have only done addition. In order to make a better world, we said that we are one, and the whole world is one family, but only with words. How many people would actually have carried it out? People’s ability to change is limited with just adding some more knowledge. In reality, it is impossible. Humans should eliminate the self-centered and selfish, self completely and return to the mind of nature. We should live with that mind. When humans live with the original mind, the universe mind, we would not bother each other, discriminate others, or commit crime. Everyone would live well with one mind. Which solution would be as complete as this?

Just as technology has developed at an extremely high rate, there is also an innovative method of subtracting the mind that has come out to the world. Now, anyone regardless of gender and age can subtract the mind of the self through the method and people can live peacefully following nature’s flow like nature. Although we are not blood-related family, we all live in this universe and also came out from there, didn’t we? Also, the entire world population will always laugh, ceasing to hate each other and discriminate against others. In order for such a good world to come, individuals should throw away and eliminate the mind of the self and become one. Then, everyone can live as one family. It will be amicable. Now, the generation of subtraction has come.