Family: A Relationship of Forgiving One Another


Family: A Relationship of Forgiving One Another - Wisdom's Webzine


In today’s society, we often see merciless situations where people do not forgive others very easily. In particular, in the workplace, people try to avoid mistakes. If they make a mistake, they could be fired. Moreover, when forming new relationships with others, they are cautious most of the time. If you do something wrong, you might be hurt or betrayed. That’s why people living in modern society feel lonely. It is not easy to trust one another. Even if you make a slight misstep, your relationship with that person might be broken and you could end up becoming enemies.

However, the relationship called family is very tolerant, relative to others. When children do something wrong to their parents, they might be scolded but their relationship does not immediately break or go into a relationship of endless hatred. We might usually say,‘It’s okay because we are family.’ Some things that you could never be forgiven by society could be forgiven by your family members. Because it is family, it becomes a special relationship. Because it is family, you have more faith in them and can rely on them. It is just like your hometown. Sometimes, you visit your hometown when you miss it and that hometown seems to exist there for you. Of course, not all families are like that; there are exceptions. However, family members generally have faith in each other. When a family member does something wrong, other members might be disappointed or angry but it might be followed by forgiveness and acceptance. Although you do something wrong, you can be forgiven because you are family. Because it is family, anything can be embraced and accepted.

Especially in this today’s cold competitive society, what we call family could be our only haven. In society, your mistakes cannot be easily forgiven. With your family, your scar could be healed. Just in case, if you have any family members you have some problem with, go and talk to them. Then, that problem will naturally be sorted out. Family can be regarded as a companion that you are supposed to be together with all the time from when you are born until you die. You might hate them for a moment or get mad at them. However, you do not need to hold onto that mind for long because it is your family who can really understand you, embrace your faults and accept you even when you do something wrong.

You should be a truly happy person because you have family. Let’s be grateful for it. The reason why you should live better and work harder is to make your family happy, isn’t it? When you are well, all of your family members will be happy for you and the whole family becomes better in the end.

When you return home this evening, say ‘I love you’ to your family. If you had some arguments or conflicts with any of your family members, reconcile, forgive and embrace them. Wouldn’t it be what a family does?