Party of Colors, Autumn


Party of Colors, Autumn - Wisdom's Webzine

In autumn, a party of colors in contrast to spring and summer is held.

Like mom’s cooking that is not particularly fancy but contains deep flavors,

it lets us know that a season of harvest has come with autumn’s colors.

Party of Colors, Autumn - Wisdom's Webzine



After the fancy feast of life finishes through spring and summer, it is the time when everything ‘goes back’ again.

Ripe fruits and crops are eye-catching and become valuable.


Party of Colors, Autumn - Wisdom's Webzine



The flowers bloom and leaves fall as the fruit drop.

The borne fruit goes back to nature again and prepares for the next circulation.

It offers its flesh to animals and its seed goes back to the soil to prepare for the next life.



Party of Colors, Autumn - Wisdom's Webzine


Deep green leaves from the summer tranform into various colors.

Red fall foliage and yellow ginko leaves are surely autumn’s appointed colors but also the faded colors of leaves show subtle colors of autumn.

On a leaf, similar yet countless colors are harmoniously mingled and the leaf talks about the beauty of maturity of the season.

A red dragonfly flying in the blue autumn sky seems to have put on a show amongst the party of autumn colors.

Its color complement the colors of wild flowers that have bloomed in autumn.

Nature is always fashionable like this.



Party of Colors, Autumn - Wisdom's Webzine



The worldilluminated with light is full of colors.

Colors of the world that nature reveals teaches us how they harmonize ‘naturally’ as they are.

They are not fancy but they are charming as they are.

They are harmoniously mingled with the surroundings.

They seem to be there all the time but silently carry out their roles.

No one gets sick of them but rather, they have their own enduring charm.



Party of Colors, Autumn - Wisdom's Webzine


As we know that winter is right around the corner, autumn seems to be more precious and pitifully short.

A party of colors in a scene of autumn that we may not notice is being held now.

The moment we open our eyes for real, we will realize that the world is a beautiful paradise the way it is.

The world exists perfectly within a feast of beautiful colors.


Photography by xiapp