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From the very trivial to the most significant thing, I am provided countless things for me to exist.

The world has provided for my life with the sunlight, air, family and friends, food, clothes to wear and a place to sleep every day. And, on Thanksgiving day, the world makes me feel rich with turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pies. 🙂

I enjoy so many things but do I feel grateful for the world?

Most likely, I am just so used to receiving that I have forgotten gratitude.

Then, what can I give back to the world?

Here is a good story to read for you to become a person who can give.

On Thanksgiving day, why don’t you give thanks and warmth from your true heart to the people around you?

<7 Things You Can Give Without Wealth>

Someone visited and appealed to a wise man.

He asked, “No matter what I do, nothing goes as well as I wish. Why is it so?”

“Because you haven’t given to others.”

“I am totally broke and have nothing to give. I should have something to give to someone else. What can I give?”

“No, that’s not true. Everyone has these seven things to give regardless of what material possessions they own.”

First, it is a warm face. Have a good glow on your face and treat others with a gentle and friendly face.

Second, it is words. With words, you can give so much. It could be words of love, words of compliments, words of comfort, words of encouragement, words of yield, and soft words.

Third, it is heart. Open your mind and give your warm heart to others.

Fourth, it is eyes. Give your kind eyes to others.

Fifth, it is your body. You can help others physically by using your body, such as giving them a hand when moving loads.

Sixth, it is your seat. You can yield for others by offering your seat, depending on time and place.

Seventh, it is caring. You do not ask others for help but consider their mind first and help them accordingly.

The wise man concluded, “If you carry these seven things into action and form these habits, fortune will come along.”