A Film About Human’s Will Of Never Giving Up: Gravity


Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star in Gravity, a science fiction thriller. It has received favorable reviews from many critics. Not many people appear in this film: only Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Moreover, for George Clooney’s role, only his voice is present most of the time. However, the ninety-minute running time does not feel boring because of its outstanding visual scenes. While watching this film, even audiences feel that they are in the middle of the universe. Its graphics are magnificent and practically show the massive universe.

Stone (Sandra Bullock) has lost everything and floats alone in the infinite universe. She seems like a tiny existence that is even smaller than a piece of dust. Because the universe is so massive and endless, audiences can even feel the fear as if floating in the Universe. This film does not have aliens, killers or ghosts but it is really cruel and frightening. The film starts with a wreck in the universe and Stone’s unexpected accident. But that is only the beginning. As the film progresses, her hope vanishes little by little. In the end, she loses all of her hope and she wants to give up her life. (For the full story, please watch the movie.) In the film, she is portrayed as a person who has lost everything. On the earth, even before she came out to the universe, she had already lost her daughter.



Once she arrives in the universe, she lose sher spaceship due to an accident. Later, she also loses her colleague Matt who gave her comfort and hope with his voice. She eventually loses even the low probability of returning to the Earth and drifts along in the middle of the universe on her own. But the subject matter of the film starts from there. All of a sudden, she comes to her senses and tries not to give up. That moment, audiences would probably feel catharsis. She lost her daughter, her colleague, and even motivation for living. However she is able to gain courage even though she had lost everything.

Stone’s outrageous will to survive came from her instinct. When people hit rock bottom, they start to deny their situation and grow their motivation to restart. Likewise, Stone regains her motivation and eventually survives after having gone through great difficulties.

People easily give up so many things. When we face some difficulties, we lose hope and confidence. We also reproach ourselves and easily give up. However, we should not. There is nothing that we cannot do. We should throw away that mind of thinking ‘I cannot do it.’Everyone can do anything. You can accomplish what you want. This film is seemingly a film about the universe or a film of disaster. However, it is a film about the strong will of humans which we can never give up. The film tells us that nothing is impossible when we come to our senses even in the face of something very difficult. Never give up until the end and do your best at all times. If you think everything is possible, even the thing that you think is impossible will become possible.