Living in Heaven


Living in Heaven


To know heaven, one must go there himself. The life of heaven is one in which one lives in heaven, not on Earth. Mankind has been searching for a way to get to heaven and depending on your religion, it is different. Further still, even if you read the same religious text, you will interpret it differently from the person next to you. So how can we know whose interpretation is correct? The odds seem pretty stacked against being able to know for sure which way is correct. There have been reported between 30,000 to 50,000 denominations of Christianity. However, what we aren’t searching for is an interpretation. We are searching for the Truth as it is!

Let’s go back in time before humans existed, before the Earth existed and even before the first star existed. There was only the Universe emptiness. This is the original foundation of all things. Then, from that emptiness, came a material existence, such as the star, the sun and the moon. Because it was created by the Universe, we can say that it is a child of the Universe and it is the same existence as the Universe that gave birth to it. It follows that all things from that one existence are the same as the original existence. That original existence is what people refer to as the creator, God, Allah, or Buddha, depending on the origin. That existence is real, alive, everlasting, never changing, and the Truth as it is. Everything in the Universe is made of that same material. If you are made of this heavenly material, the material of the Universe, then you are in heaven.

For mankind, it seems like we live in the Universe, but man is not made of the material of the Universe. Let’s say if there are one hundred people reading the bible, they will interpret it one hundred different ways. Just like in school when kids write book reports about a book, each one writes a different analysis. That interpretation is based on what is in his mind. Now, because there is heaven, there is no interpretation because there is only reality. It is just as it is because he only has heaven in his mind. Then he sees only heaven. Man can’t see heaven because he doesn’t have heaven in his mind.

However, when man’s mind becomes one with the original foundation, he would live in heaven. He would: have positive mind; be able to understand the Bible and Buddhist Sutras as they are spoken from this place; have Universe mind which is good for health; know where human comes from, why he lives, and where he goes; be born again in the true world and live forever; know all the principles of the world; and have true happiness, true joy, eternal life, great freedom, great liberation and great peace of mind.

Furthermore, because man doesn’t have heaven in his mind, and he is not currently in heaven, there must be a method to get there. And this has to be accomplished while your body is here. This has to be the single greatest accomplishment for any person. While you are here, be born in heaven and live there forever. Is there anything more important?