The Way Forward to the Life of Heaven

In our life, we experience many kinds of things. But in life, that which we are unaware of will happen in the next moment is sometimes tough and difficult. A situation that we face could be too much or frightening and we feel suffocated with problems that seem insurmountable. We also want to just escape from everything. ‘Why do I have to face this situation?’We also resent and blame others, as well as the situations around us and in the world.

One day, a colleague of mine sent me a message. There were no words but small pictures in the message. I could not help but laugh at the message for a while.

The Way Forward to the Life of Heaven - Wisdom's Webzine



The top picture with the title ‘Your “Plans”’shows a person on a bike heading towards a flag at the end of an almost flat road. The bottom one with the title ‘The Universe’s plans for you’ has a road full of all kinds of obstacles and curves.

The moment I saw the pictures, I felt like I was seeing my situation. I felt ridiculous for my way of thinking but I was able to repent about it. I could see myself who was truly bad and greedy as I only wanted to get to the goal in an easy and comfortable way. However, what touched my mind more deeply were the plans that the Universe prepared for me.

Rocks and stiff roads, cold sea and storms… All of the conditions given to me were simply not ordeals and trials that everyone experiences in life, but presents from the world that would truly save me. I came up with this thought as I realized that the destinations on the two pictures were different.

The destination in the top picture has one flag. But in fact, because it was my own plan, it was only a flag that I myself had set. The picture signifies a route and destination that I made in my mind, the easiest one. It is likea dream that I would accomplish only in the dream that has no meaning and value at all when seen from the world. In other words, I created such an illusion in my mind, but that is not reality. And if I took the route, I wouldn’t go anywhere, because it is something I imagined. However, the destination on the bottom picture has no flag. It is the reality of the situation in the world. Instead of the flag or goal that I had set and created, the sun shines on the top of the stiff road. Just as it is, it is beautiful because it is real. The light of life brightly shines from the real world. That would be truly a goal of true life and a gift from the world, wouldn’t it?

This moment that you are breathing might perhaps be frightening and tough. However, if the road that I take is a path that the world has prepared for me, the steps that I take one by one will not be frightening anymore. It is a gift from the world because it is truly from the world. Now we know that all of the moments, no matter which conditions we face, are big presents that the world gives me. Over the sunshine, the life of heaven will be waiting for you.