Do You Realize That Heaven Actually Exists?


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People are sometimes asked, ‘are you happy now?’ Some people, without hesitation, answer, ‘yes, I am happy’ while others would acknowledge they aren’t happy. However, no matter which answer you provide, the problem with such ‘happiness’ is that it is not perfect or true happiness because specific conditions must exist in order for one to feel happy. That is, when time passes and circumstances change, such happiness can vanish instantly; that is temporary happiness. Please recall a moment when you felt the happiest in your life. And if you think about whether the feeling of happiness that you had felt back then has not changed and still remains now, anyone can realize that it does not remain today.

Nevertheless, human beings want to feel a sense of happiness; thus, we repeat the routine endlessly with no ability to stop in order to become happier or to maintain that happiness. This applies to everyone: to people who feel happy at this moment as well as to those who do not. But then, what if never changing happiness exists somewhere in the world, regardless of time endlessly passing and circumstances changing? Moreover, this happiness is not a slight happiness where you can easily forget about its existence. What if the utmost happiness, in which every moment you feel ‘as happy as it gets,’ lasts forever and ever, transcending even death? And most of all, such happiness just exists without a condition and will never disappear. How would you feel if such a world existed where happiness is always constantly high? What if there is a place that is full of only happiness and joy without a single piece of cluttered thought, anxiety, apprehension, fear, inferiority, superiority, responsibility, pain or stress?

We can’t even easily imagine such a world because we have never seen the ‘completely flawless and pure’ real world, even once, since the first man was born. Although we try to imagine it, we are only faced with the negative notion that such perfection could not exist in this world from this incomplete human mind. It is so natural since we haven’t been there yet. However, we have been subtly talking about such an ideal and complete world that seems to exist somewhere. That is actually why the word ‘heaven’ exists. Of course, this word had been used when allegorically depicting very happy moments or assuming that the imaginary world or the afterlife exists, rather than actually referring to the heaven that actually exists.

However, at last, the time has come for this word to be used for its original purpose. It has been clearly confirmed that the never-changing, everlasting and complete world actually exists and moreover, the very concrete method for everyone to reach that world while living has come out. What’s more surprising is that 3,213 people are already living in heaven through that method, throughout the world! The 3,213 people scattered around the world are happy every moment and are certainly living a completely flawless life. It would not be possible at all with the ideologies of incomplete humans.

Reading up to this point, you would probably be curious about the method of going to heaven, but at the same time, you might question whether it is actually possible. However, give this a thought: 50 years before Neil Armstrong had first succeeded in setting foot on the Moon, no one could have even imagined that a human could go to Moon. However, now, anyone can reach the Moon and space exploration has become common. That’s why movies like Gravity have been produced. In the same way, you are not aware of it because you have not been there yet. But to the 3,213 heaven residents, the everlasting life and happiness in the complete world became very natural and this figure is even increasing at this moment. In fact, there is a very easy and guaranteed method for you to go to heaven. ‘Heaven’ is no longer just the world in one’s imagination. The never-changing complete happiness will soon become natural to everyone. However, would there be any meaning if you only heard that heaven exists and that there are so many other people who have reached heaven? It would become meaningful only when you, who are reading this at the moment, reach there, wouldn’t it?

Lastly, there is one important fact that you have to keep in mind. You must get there while this body is living. Human cannot help but die one day and no one knows when they would die. That’s why the most urgent matter in the world is to go to heaven. There is not a single excuse for delaying it and you must not delay it, also. There is the complete, real world that you could not even imagine. Please check out stories of people who are living there already and the way to reach heaven in the website below.