Let’s Catch Ghosts in Our Mind!!


You have probably heard of the film Ghostbusters. Most of the time, we mistakenly think that ghosts exist somewhere other than within us. Many psychics actually say they can see ghosts. However, people do not know about the existence of ghosts within their own mind even though some of them can see ghosts out there. Ghosts are not present out there, but a ghost is actually oneself, or something in one’s mind. There are many types of ghosts: a ghost believing that he is superior, a ghost hating and envying others, a ghost pretending to be pretty or smart, a depressed ghost, a lonely ghost, an angry ghost, a happy ghost, a greedy ghost, a ghost comparing with others, a worrying ghost, and so on… Probably you cannot even count the number of ghostsbecause there are so many.

As a joke, we say that human mind cannot even be predicted even though weather can be predicted. It implies that human mind changes so often. When we see couples, so many couples meet and part; they repeat this. Some couples end their relationship just a day later. Sometimes, you feel fine in the morning and turn blue in the evening. It cannot be really predicted. Countless ghosts are inherent in one’s mind. At this time, this ghost turns up; and at another time, another one turns up. Ghosts are actually the human mind. Humans do not hold onto one kind of mind but is made of hundreds of – actually thousands of – layers of different minds. It is a headache to hold on to these many minds!

If you look at the lyrics of the Ghostbusters theme song, there is a phrase “An invisible man sleepin’ in your bed/ Oh who ya gonna call?” There are countless ghosts in one’s own mind. So how can we fix this problem? In the film, there are ghost busters so they can catch ghosts. But what should we do in reality?

Let's Catch Ghosts in Our Mind!!

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There is definitely a method to discard the ghosts. We should go to a place where the method of eliminating all of the ghosts in our mind is taught, and we should do the mind subtraction. We believe that we actually live in this world but human is a ghost. Humans do not live in the world but live in the mind world that the self has made. That’s why human is a ghost. However, not many people know this principle. Everyone would insist that they are living a normal life. However, those who have emptied out the mind can easily understand this principle.

The reason and purpose of our life is not that we were born in the world just to earn money, eat well and live well, as a ghost. The reason and purpose of why we are here is to throw away our minds and our self that is a ghost and become one with the true world, and we should be born again as the true self and live in this world. We should throw away ghosts and find the real me. We should really live in this world. What meaning would there be if you, as a ghost, earn a lot of money and become famous? You were born in this world but do not know where you go. Should you just ambiguously earn money, get old, and die while unaware of where you go after you die? Should you die just like this? No, right?

Now, let’s catch all of the ghosts in our self, like the film Ghostbusters. Let’s live happily forever in the world as the fabulous true self, not as a ghost. There should be a happy ending.