The Real Purpose of Life


The Real Purpose of Life

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Every one of us is born in the world, lives approximately seventy to eighty years of life and passes away. It is inevitable. Regardless of situation, whether American or European,a famous singer or even the president– there is no one who lives forever. Our body has a limit, a lifespan. People have a similar purpose in life; that is, to live comfortably and/or successfully. To accomplish this, one must live diligently and earn enough money to sustain their and their family’s lifestyle. That is a common dream.

In an article,one reporter included a picture with the title ‘Harvard University library at three in the morning on a normal day.’ It was a library and even though it was dawn on an average day, thousands of students and professors were filling the seats in the library. They were studying hard for a successful future. This is not just a scene found at the university. This is also the life of many people in the workforce. They really have to live diligently to keep their family secure and peaceful. This is the hope for many people and the purpose of their life.

However, let’s consider it further. Let’s suppose that you live diligently while you are young and able to work hard but at some point, you become old and you are now more than seventy years old. You become ill and you just continuously worry about your last day or try to live well. Let’s suppose you just run diligently forward, only focused on a successful life, and then you die. Nothing will remain upon your death. Really, literally, human cannot take anything with him when he dies. He cannot even take a dollar. No matter how much money he earns, he can’t take it with him.

Human is such a powerless and finite existence. However, inside, the real mind exists even though human is powerless and a finite existence. We should find this true mind. This real mind can be referred to as the universe or the original foundation. As we learned in science class, the stars in the sky, the sun and the moon all came from the universe, the original foundation. This universe emptiness existed forever before, and exists as it is even after we die and eternal time passes. This existence is not just empty space, but a living, non-material existence. This existence is life itself, and therefore it is alive. Because this existence is alive, the stars, the moon, the earth and animals, plants and humans could all come out from this existence.

Human is supposed to live in the world as this original existence. However, human has lost the mind of this existence and lives within his own mind that he created on his own as his own mind. Therefore, we have been isolated from this existence and live trapped in our own mind with pain and burden. It is known that the earth’s population is seven billion. Each one of the seven billion people has a different mind. Likewise, human mistakenly thinks that he lives in the world but no one lives in the world but lives trapped in his own mind that he himself has made. Because one’s own mind is an illusion that does not exist in the real world, the existence of oneself vanishes like smoke at the same time this body dies after seventy to eighty years. When human dies, nothing remains. This is the truth.

However, as I said before, there is the real self within us and the universe mind that is the truth, exists. We should cast off the illusionary mind that we ourselves have created and become one with the true mind of the universe that exists within us. And so, we must be born again in this world of the truth. When one is trapped in one’s own mind, that is the eternal death. No matter how much money you earn, you eventually die. For example, Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson were famous and had earned a lot of money. However, they had died, hadn’t they? While living, we must recover the never-changing, eternal mind of the universe and live forever with that mind. You can go through this process only when you have this body.

It seems like it is important to earn a lot of money and keep your family members safe. However, this life is like a split second when comparing human life to that of the age of the universe. We were not born in this world to live such a short life that is barely just a hundred years. The true meaning and purpose of life is to find the never-changing, eternal universe mind while living and be born again as the true self. When you live in this world by going through this process, the soul that is your true self will live on this earth as it is forever (even though your body will naturally disappear). Therefore, the work that we must do the most diligently while living is to save our self and go to the place of eternal life.

Now, the righteous teacher who can teach this and the right meditation method have come to this world, everyone can throw away their mind, recover their true mind and live forever. At this generation, everyone oneself must prove this and actually become complete. It is not that you might achieve human completion someday. Now is the generation that you can achieve completion right now and live truly joyfully forever in this world of the truth. How wonderful this world is!