Let the Everlasting Happiness Be With You in 2014~


everlasting happiness

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The year has newly begun filled with the expectations and hopes of many. In the New Year especially, people, inundated with ever-increasing stress, hope that their lives could change from that of unhappiness to one full of happiness this year. However, I feel different. I am happy every single day in this world, even though people live as if stress is their everlasting companion that is supposed to be there. Because I am very, very happy now, I would like to confidently tell you that you could also become so happy, and that I would like to help you. We all live in the same time, the same world. However, if some people are happy while others are not, happy people would truly love to help those who are not.

I also used to live overwhelmed by stress and wanted to escape from the world and go somewhere alone to escape the tough life. That’s why this moment that I am happy is a truly grateful moment. If you’d love to enjoy happiness to the fullest without any worry or anything in your mind, every moment, you truly deserve that happiness; so, please widely open your mind while reading. Then, you can really become the world’s happiest person in this New Year. Happiness that we have only heard of and talked about will become yours for good.

Let’s think about when we were young. Did you have the stress and worries that you have currently? Back then, you might also have had some stress. However, compared to how much you have right now, it would be nothing. At this moment, your head is filled with never-ending thoughts, worries and stress. Your mind has probably been inflated so much that it would burst at any moment; Bang! In our life, we have stored everything that we have experienced in ‘our mind’ that has been fully packed. We have never subtracted any of them and have only been filling it up. It is the same as taking pictures and putting all of them into an album endlessly. Your own experiences become your own standards and conceptions, and you have created ‘your own world’ believing that is how the world is. You basically live solely based on them.

If you were to live in the world, you would have definitely lived with the ‘world’s mind’ without worries and stress. But, obviously, you probably already know that you aren’t living as the ‘world’s mind.’ Then, have you actually ever lived in the world? You have stored everything that you saw, heard, learned and experienced into your mind and they have exactly become ‘your own world’ and you are living within your own mind world. Because you cannot live as one with the world, because you are living alone in your own world and have turned back to the world, your life has been truly difficult, tough and lonely. In short, because you lived with your mind in your own world, you have hardly been happy.

So far, we believed that that is how we are supposed to live. Rather than being happy now, we believe that we could become happy in the future if we obtain this and that. We have been pursuing happiness of the future rather than of this moment. However, the method of becoming happy now and every moment, such an ultimate solution, has come out to the world; that is to come out of your own world; that is to come out of the world of stress; that is to stop filling up your mind and subtract your own world that you have created. The everlasting happiness, the biggest relief, the world’s mind is waiting for you, which you can never know until you subtract. The originally-existing world’s mind is our true mind that is eternally never-changing and living. That is something that everyone who has done subtraction can know.

Many other people – 3,200 people – also encountered the saying ‘you can become happy forever if you do subtraction,’ just as you hear it now, and just simply believed the saying and bravely tried out the subtraction. ‘Yes, let me try subtraction!’ They have done subtraction and consequently, they live happily forever. Actually, there are more than 3,200 people this year. Through the method of subtraction, they have achieved eternal happiness. If you participate in this movement of the eternal happiness this year and do subtraction diligently, you will become the world’s happiest person by the end of this year. Only the one who has gone to the peak of Mt. Everest can know how beautiful and happy it is to be there. Likewise, only those who have gone to the last stop of the eternal happiness will know that they live happily forever.

I hope that you simply and courageously join the movement of eternal happiness and so you also become the happy existence.

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