Travel, Let’s Do It Together!

If there are 10 kinds of charms in traveling alone, there are 90 kinds of happiness in traveling together. Going somewhere new together with people whom you have shared the ordinary daily life with for long time… ‘To do together’ the joyful times would be one of the true happiness’s you can enjoy in your life.


Like a train journey that you embark only with a ten-year-long friend, you do not especially have something new to share. You only have chocolate, chips and drinks but such a plain journey is charming.

There is a saying that you should travel together with them if you want to know who they really are. Likewise, we ‘disarm’ ourselves in a place away from the daily life and it becomes easy to show our selfishness and true nature that we normally disguise. It also means that it is not that easy to travel with somebody.


Fortunately, my friends were sociable and so, trips that we enjoyed together will remain as beautiful memories that I will never forget. We were friends who knew how to appreciate train tickets with which we could use to head off anywhere with little possessions. We took pictures of each other and we were friends who could appreciate being together.



At a certain moment while traveling, the eyes and hands that have been taking pictures of beautiful sceneries and new buildings return to the one whom I travel with and whom I appreciate. And in the end, I realize the most beautiful things in the world are friends, colleagues, family and loved ones who are looking at the same destination with me and walking the same path.


We feel comfortable even while sitting together silently for a long while. We learn to communicate with our hearts and grow up together. Travel subtly pats our consciousness and trains us to become solid. At the same time, it teaches us to do it together. It also helps us to realize that our life, which is short but also long, is the greatest journey.


With our best friend, we spread a mat, take off our shoes, and let the self go comfortably in our bare feet. The biggest present that travel gives us would be such moments, these moments when we can lay down everything and breathe comfortably, these moments when I can reveal my bare feet and I might feel embarrassed with someone else.


Every moment twinkles and illuminates when ‘together’ rather than ‘alone’ because we exist to ‘be together’ with the world. The reason why the clean water stream is beautiful is because there is the sun shining, stones and fish swimming.

What if tomorrow is the end of the world? What if you die tomorrow? When we are asked such stale questions, we always choose the simple moments in which ‘we are together with our loved ones.’ No one says they would go to work to earn more money or study for exams.

Even though we know how precious people around us are, we often forget about how precious our daily life and those people around us are.


If I am together with people whom I love and whom I can share my heart with, wherever I am becomes the most fabulous travel destination in the world. One of the most wonderful activities that we can do ‘together’ is traveling. Bickering and having some arguments while traveling? What problem would there be? We have already gained the title called ‘us’ from the fact that we were together and walked the same path together.


If you can be grateful for those whom are together with you, without expecting anything, while walking the same path together, you can expand your mind with acceptance and learn to truly become one. Just like the path that you walk together by adjusting your walk and steps for them, travel is just a part of our life when we walk slowly together.

If you want to learn to live life, embark on a journey with one whom you love.

The travel illuminates even brighter when together. Let’s do it together!