Mom I Love You


What would a baby think is the world?



A baby focuses on something his eyes see at the moment. It could be an object or a person.

However, it seems that only one person exists in the baby’s world, most of the time.

That is mom.

A mom’s hand is the best toy. A baby learns love from mom, who holds its tiny hand, and maintains eye contact with mom, learning to communicate with the heart.





Then, what would a mom think is the world?




Mom’s mind also focuses on everything that is related to the baby so mom sees the world being baby centered.

Mom’s ability to read even little movements of the baby like the wiggling of toes is honed.

The moment the center of the world is set to the baby, mom puts down everything of herself.

Mom gives everything and dedicates everything.

Mom’s hand supporting the baby is like the strongest shield in the world.

It is the most beautiful hand in the world.




A baby behind the shield grows up healthy and gets to have faith to the world.

A baby raised in love also naturally learns how to give the given love to the world.

That is how to confidently say “I Love You.”

The fear of being hurt or abandoned disappears with the word “I love you, you love me.”

When a baby enlightens that the world itself is actually mom, the baby will live becoming one with the world, as a decent adult.

All of the moms and babies in the world create the world. They themselves are love.