Post-It Love


Post-It Love was a three-minute short produced in England in 2008. A shy man and a shy girl work at the same office and use ‘Post-it’ memos that they often use at the office to cleverly deliver a fresh and inspiring love proposal.

Do you tell someone you love that you love him/her? Have you kept them in your mind not expressing your love because you are too shy or because you think that they already know so you believe that you don’t have to tell them? How about starting to express your love little by little like the couple in the film? Wouldn’t your love get bigger and bigger like the ‘Post-it’ smile on a file getting bigger and bigger until it covers up the entire wall?


Music: Masaki Kurihara, Kuricorder Orchestra

Editing: Sam Rice Edwards

Cast: Charity Wakefield, Lee Ingleby

DoP: Carl Neilsson

Producers: Elizabeth Gower, Lucy Gossage