#1. The Way Home

When calling out ‘Mom!’ the closed door opens widely.

That’s why the way back home gives me butterflies that make my mind warm.

It is the home that is waiting for me. At home, my family greets the exhausted and tired me.

So the way home is always happy, no matter how far it is. True rest is waiting for me at the end of the path.


















#2. Home Calling Me

I can hear the sound of a television over the window.

I can smell the dinner mom is cooking over the wall.

Flowers bloom when spring comes and the house gets covered with green foliage when summer comes.

The house is always calling me, even though it is small and old.

Because I have a home, I am always full. Because I have a home, I am always happy.


















#3. Home Sweet Home

The sweetest word in the world is ‘home.’

Even though it is a little messy, it is my own and my family’s space.

It is the only space where I can put down the heavy burden that is suppressing my body. I can also take off the mask that I wear all day.

This is the place that should be the most comfortable in the world.




















#4. Where Is Home?

Where is my real home? Where is the place where I really return to?

My mind’s hometown is the place where my mind can comfortably take a rest forever; it is the place where I originally came from and so, I must return to again.

It is our homework to find that real home.

At my original home, my true parents would also be waiting for me.

The journey would not be easy but it is like a puzzle we must solve.














#5. Welcome Home

“You did a good job today.”

“You must have endured many hardships to return home.”

My parents, who have been waiting for me with a warm light, soothe me with words.

The porch light did not go off and was waiting for me night and day.

Home is always at the same place and warmly welcoming me all the time.

Because we have a home, we begin a new tomorrow, with a new body and mind.