Tangled – Let’s Come Out To The True World And Live Forever




Disney’s full-length animation, Tangled is the story of Rapunzel. She is an eighteen-year-old girl who has been living only in a tower in the forest for her entire life. She has never been out to the world. She has never had a conversation with people out in the world, and has never stepped on the ground outside. The life in the tower is all the life she knows. She only has her mother Gothel to listen to inside the tower. She hopes to go out to the world someday. She has another wish to find out what the floating lights are for, which fly beautifully in the sky once a year.

One day, while Gothel is away to the outside world for few days, Flynn Rider, a suspect who is being chased by the Royal army, accidently comes into the tower where Rapunzel lives. Rapunzel has never met anyone other than her mother. She knocks out Flynn Rider and besieges him. Rider suggests to Rapunzel that they can go out to the world together if she releases him. She can’t resist because of her own desires to leave the tower. She takes his suggestion and for the first time in her life, she enters the world.

She experiences something far different from what her mother has said about the world – intimidating, chaotic and bad and Rapunzel gets to experience many of the beautiful and good people in the world during her encounters with people in the village for the first time. And, she gets to actually see in person the floating lights in the sky that she has been yearning for. She then falls in love, for the first time in her life, with Rider. While gaining precious experiences from the world, she gets caught by her mother and Rider falls into danger.

Rapunzel has never lived in the real world and believed that the life in the tower was what life was all about, being trapped in a tower. Likewise, people mistakenly believe that they are living in the real world. However, they are actually living trapped in their own mind world, not living in the real world. Because the real world and their own mind world are overlapped, people didn’t know what was real and what was false. But seven billion people have their own individual minds and they are all different, aren’t they? Seven billion different worlds exist. My mind is different from my colleague’s mind. My mind is even different from the mind of my spouse. No one in the world has exactly the same mind as yours.

Our body is like a camera so we take pictures of what we see, hear and experience in the brain. It is like a camcorder, which films everything no matter where we go. For example, if you recall your elementary school, it can come up from your mind. Yourself in a class at school would be in your mind, as well as, your friends, teachers, and even classrooms would be all in your mind. Think about having breakfast this morning. Yourself having breakfast is in your mind. The food you had was taken as pictures in your mind, also the place where you had it. Even at this moment, you are continuously filming a video with a camera which consists of eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and body. If you think about this moment before going to sleep, you will be able to recall yourself reading this column, this column itself, and also the place where you are reading it.

Like Rapunzel, human has never been able to live in the true world that is full of life where nature is beautiful. Since born, he has been taking pictures and living in the pictures. Human is dead in his own mind. There is no life and no joy. No matter how much you obtain and enjoy money, love and fame, the mind of futility never ends. We know so well that a lot of money, wealth and honor cannot buy happiness. Happiness is there when we come out to the true world. Once you completely destroy your own world that you have created, only the real mind of the truth remains. If you are born again as the true soul, the true soul lives forever even after the body dies. There, the nature is beautiful. You are always happy in the true world as the complete being. Your joy is endless. The true soul does not have death. Imagine that you live forever with the everlasting joyful mind in the true world like heaven. Doesn’t it sound like a dream?

Moreover, if you are born in the true world and live there, you always have wisdom so you can know all the principles of the world. Everyone can become a saint and live the life of a saint. You can accomplish all these things at this meditation. Isn’t it a truly good generation? During this great era, we can meet such a great meditation. Do not live trapped in your illusionary mind world. Let’s come out to the true world and live altogether in the true world. That generation has come.