A ‘Must Do’ Before You Die



Warner Bros. Pictures 2007

There is a film called The Bucket List starring leading actors, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The bucket list refers to a list of things people want to accomplish before their death. It is to achieve things that one hasn’t yet done in one’s life, such as a trip around the world or reading more than 100 books, among many others.

Why would people make such a bucket list? Simply because no one knows what happens when they die. Because human has no wisdom, he cannot know where he came from, why he lives, and where he goes after he dies. The only way to know is to have the mind of wisdom. If we obtain the universe mind that is the mind of wisdom, while living, we can clearly know where human came from, why he lives and where he goes upon death because that mind knows all of the principles of the world. The reason why human is afraid of death is also because he does not have wisdom and knows nothing about what happens upon death.

So, I would like to tell you about one item that shouldn’t be left off your bucket list. It is to become the mind of the universe that is the truth while you are alive so that you know all of the principles of the world and therefore, you get to know that you never die eternally because life and death are one. That is it. It is really important. Things like traveling around the world are very limited events that do not last forever. All of the things that we can do with our bodies have limits and vanish someday. Earning a lot of money, being in love, living an honorable life, just like all other things in life, are things that disappears like bubbles as time flows by. However, if we find the universe mind that is the truth that never dies eternally while we are alive, and if we are born again from that universe mind as the never-dying soul, we can exist forever as the soul of the universe mind even after the body disappears. What would be more important and urgent in this world than living forever?

We should be born as a soul that is the truth while we are alive. We cannot do this study after we die. If you practice the study of this meditation while living and change the human mind to the universe mind, the universe mind knows all of the principles of the world so that you are always joyful and always happy. Also, you can know everything about what happens after human dies and how one can live forever. Literally, you can become a saint. Now, the study to actualize this has come out to the world. The righteous teacher who can teach this righteously has come to the world. Now is the generation that one can prove this by oneself. One should have the mind of true wisdom rather than knowledge obtained from books. You can become a wise person so that you can know all of the principles of the world and know what it means to live a righteous life. Furthermore, you can know that your true soul that becomes complete will live forever as it is even though your body vanishes. You can know everything because you gain wisdom and are wisdom itself.

What would be more valuable in the world than this? It is a must-have item that must not be left off your bucket list. Now, it is the generation that anyone can become a saint and live forever as the true mind while living. More than 3000 people have become complete only in the last year. Now is the generation when everyone becomes a complete person and lives forever. The school that teaches you this method is this meditation. Go and knock on the door of this meditation. The way is open while you are alive as a human.