Learn To Sacrifice From “Guardians of the Galaxy”


source: playmoviez.net

source: playmoviez.net


In 2014, a new superhero film has been released by Marvel Comics that has also produced Spider Man, X-Men, and Avengers. However, despite our expectations of typical Marvel movies, the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy somehow do not look strong. They rather come across as comical and appear to lack something. It seems that the characters are unable to accomplish something on their own. So they form the Guardians of the Galaxy for peace in the universe. Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), who calls himself Star-Lord, is nothing more than a petty thief; Gamora (Zoe Saldana), who has the miserable past of losing all of her family and lives as an assassin because of Ronan the Accuser; Drax (David Bautista), the man with great power, who has also lost his family because of Ronan the Assassin and lives a life of revenge; and Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel), who are a lovely and adorable couple, accidently meet in jail and break out together. While doing so, they discover Ronan the Assassin’s ambition for conquering the universe. They have no choice but to form the Guardians of the Galaxy to bring peace to the universe.

The characteristic of this group isn’t the ability to defeat three villains alone on their own like Spider Man or to fly in the sky, firing laser beams like Iron Man. Only when they are together, can they defeat the villain. In this way, this superhero film can be differentiated from existing ones. There is an absolute reason why the characters in this film are so lovable and attractive: the reason is their sense of sacrifice.

As you could probably recognize from the film, their camaraderie is sincere. Peter Quill, like a leader, can devote his life without hesitation to save Gamora. In the scene where they are forming the Guardians of the Galaxy, they say that the team has been formed for them to die. This means they have already resolved to devote their life for peace in the universe. The film seems more attractive with their sense of sacrifice although they have no superpowers like Iron Man or Spider Man. Not just Peter, but Drax and Groot also do what they have to do even though they whine and complain. Even the raccoon Rocket has the same will – one will – to keep peace in the universe. They have their mind set on devoting their whole life for peace and for their colleagues. That’s why their potential is expected to be fulfilled in the future although they don’t have any special superpower.

As this film shows, fidelity, friendship and sacrifice for one another are the virtues that we need in our society. If we could sacrifice ourselves, yield and live for others, it would become a world and a society that is much better to live. But because of the selfish mind that we only care about ourselves, the world cannot be beautiful. In fact, you cannot force yourself to sacrifice. Killing yourself means to let go of the ego and selfishness that you have and to become one with the mind of the world. Then, we can become one with one another and live the truthful life for others. We only need to subtract our own mind and our self. Then, we can become the mind of the world. One who lives the life for the world having become the mind of the world is the one who knows to sacrifice oneself. One would not even have the mind that one sacrifices. When such people increase more and gradually in our society, a world will come where many people can actually be happy. I dream for such a world, today, also. I am also grateful that such a world is coming closer and closer.