Right Here, World of Life


There was already life in the beginning.

The life created everything and so, the world began to exist.

The life has become the world.


The life is circulating everything. Water circulates and air flows. All of creation endlessly moves around and creates the world.

The world created by the Creator is life itself; and therefore, it is so beautiful.


There is a story that there is a dwarf’s gold at the end of the rainbow. It must have been a symbolic expression for ‘life’ that is the most important in the world. It is the golden life that never changes eternally.

Tiny golden sprouts are growing at the point where the rainbow ends.



A grown tree can be noticed from the little sprout. Just as the infinite universe is embraced in a grain of sand, everything in the world is the universe in the way they are, regardless of their size and weight.


This world is beautiful as things are placed; as they are.

Every creation grows by life,

Flowers bloom,


Fruits come along.


The world that you feel with your eyes closed or the world you see with your eyes open is the world of oneness.


If you aren’t bound by the coming and going of materials, you can see a bigger world. When you come to know that existence and non-existence are one and that life and death are one, you can finally see the world full of life.

That world exists forever.

That eternity is even breathing and living right at this moment, right here.