Home Décor 101: Resting While Crafting – Wall Art

Home Décor 101: Resting While Crafting – Wall Art


From long ago, rest for me was all about waking up late, laying back on a couch and catching up with movies and a few bags of chips all day long. However, my life pattern started to change when I began meditation. Since I emptied out my mind, the definition of rest had changed. Active meditation is my new definition of rest; it is the casting off all of my stress and fatigue by diligently doing physical actions with a mind like the pure empty universe; whereas the definition of rest in the past was vacantly being lazy.

Recently, I am very much interested in Home Décor. But I am not that much talented in art, nor do I enjoy gratuitous expenditures that much. But that’s how I ended up finding out about many inexpensive and easy ways of handcrafting. There is some home décor that I would like to share today that is so easy that you might ask, ”is it all?” I am a total beginner so I cannot “perfectly” do crafting but I would like to share my life pattern that has changed through meditation as well as some day-to-day tips that are so easy to enjoy.

1. HAPPY wall art


I bought Paper Mache from Hobby Lobby at a half-price sale, normally three dollars. I bought five letters – h,a, p, p and y – spelling out my favorite word. Now is the exciting time to paint the letters. I had some leftover paint so I simply painted them white. After having painted the paper mache, it looked like luxurious timber. Mission success! I wanted to make it extra fancy, so I put “bling bling” glitter stickers that I bought from a dollar shop. Finally, I just tacked them to the wall. The happy energy fills up the whole room and gives a brighter and cheerful atmosphere.


2. Meditation

meditation 1

The next Letter Décor I’ve crafted is Meditation (as I wanted to remind myself about it). I only used materials available from home. I traced the letters on the foam board I bought many months ago and cut them out with a stencil knife. I then colored it with permanent marker, and that’s it! (You don’t even need to color it if you already have a black foam board!)

meditation _1

I will share how to do wall art crafting, a crafting process that is really fun, in the next issue. But be prepared as it requires a little bit more time and effort!

If you want to spend your day fruitfully for a change, you may find some perfect materials in your home that you had forgotten about. Why don’t you indulge yourself in Home décor and enjoy your own art piece? I confidently recommend it for you because I had pleasantly enjoyed it myself even though I felt as though I didn’t start off with much artistic talent. You will also love and enjoy the active crafting meditation in which you can create a new creation out of scratch while also throwing away your mind in every moment.