What Is Hope For 2015?


What Is Hope For 2015?


2015: A new year has begun. The word hope makes everyone excited. To people who did not have hope in the last year because of suffering and difficulty, the New Year allows them to dream for something new and to hope that this year would be different and better than the last year. But what is real hope? Many people yearn for hope in the new year, and create their New Year’s resolutions, such as being promoted at work, entering their coveted University, marrying, losing weight, and so on. However, what is the real hope that we really have to actualize this year? What is hope? Wouldn’t hope be to find something that we yearn for?

Something that we should really pursue is never-changing happiness, peace and freedom, isn’t it? It would be impossible to actualize a never-changing happiness, peace and freedom after a promotion or marriage. We all know this because they are temporary. Real hope is to find that inner peace and happiness that never change, that exist in our mind. Wouldn’t it be the real hope for the new year? It is common in human life to experience endless worries and conflicts in the mind. Whether you are rich or poor, whether you are a CEO or an employee, living life is a series of worries for everyone because their minds are busy with their many thoughts. And those minds make us exhausted and suffer.

What meaning is there living in this way? Till when do we have to live with struggle? We get to question about when the mind’s pain would change to happiness. The answer is simple. We can simply throw away the suffering mind and the mind of pain and stress. Our mind is like a garbage bin; our mind’s burden is accumulated like garbage unless we empty it out like emptying out a bin every day. We live peacefully without any worries when we are like a little child but as we grow up, we take on more responsibilities, worries and stress. As our mind accumulates more and more, that’s how we end up. In this way, we get to have illnesses. The most important thing in the world seems to be your mind becoming happy. Happiness of the mind does not come from more money, love, fame or accomplishment. We can become happy when our mind is clean; when our mind is emptied like the pure sky.

People talk about inner peace. The real peace is in me. Our mind is like pictures. From birth until now, we take pictures with our body, which is a camera, about what we see, hear and experience, and store them in the brain. We should know the fact that we ourselves are also living in our own mind, which are memories in the brain. We are not living in the real world but in our own mind world which is taken as pictures in the brain. That’s why human mind is pain and stress, and also it is death. As long as we are trapped in our own mind world, there would never be freedom, happiness or eternal peace. The universe mind is the mind of real happiness, the mind of peace and freedom, and also a place we can live with everlasting life.

In this new year, 2015, the real hope is to change my own mind to the universe mind and find the never-changing happiness and peace. You can’t even imagine how liberating and happy it is when you escape from the world of your own mind which is suffering that you have been living with so far. That is the only hope and true happiness.