Recover Your Original Beauty With Baking Soda!




If you can find baking soda in your bathroom cabinet, you have already taken a step closer to a new innovation in beauty care. Does it sound too exaggerated? It simply means that you can become free from a variety of beauty products full of chemicals that provide toxins to our body. In the previous column, I talked about jojoba oil but in this one, I would like to talk about baking soda.

So what is your main purpose for using baking soda? It is widely used in baking and it is rather useful in domestic cleaning. I recently learned that you can wash your hair with baking soda. Yes, you heard it right. You can wash your hair with baking soda. Actually it goes beyond this. It protects your hair’s shine and curls more naturally than any other expensive hair product.

As you can find from many other articles, we are so caught up in the fantasy of foam and bubbles. One could easily think that the bubbles are better because they foam more as you lather, washing away the residue from the scalp and dirt from the body, but these foams are full of chemicals that destroy the natural purifying function of our body.

As you replace it with baking soda, it naturally balances out the acidity and alkalinity at an optimal rate and keeps our body at an optimal condition. When reading others’ testimonies about washing their hair with baking soda, I felt a bit afraid in the beginning. That was because of the adverse effects they commonly mentioned, such as a bad smell and excessive oil coming from the scalp. I thought these could be the worst conditions for my hair. However, as I started to wash my hair with baking soda, no such uncomfortable effects happened to me. There could be personal differences but if you put up with a little bit of discomfort and consistently use it, you will be able to see the benefits gradually.

-The method is the same as when you wash your hair with shampoo. It is just replacing shampoo with baking soda. When you google it, you will find some different ways of applying it to the hair and scalp. For me, I put baking soda in an airtight bottle and placed it at the corner of my shower. Dampen your hair with water and put a half tablespoon of baking soda in your hand. Mix it with a few drops of water to make a paste. Start massaging the scalp and hair throughout. No foam! The residue naturally is cleansed even without foam.

– Your hair might feel slightly dry compared to when you use hair conditioner with silicon. In this case, you can lightly massage your hair with a few drops of vinegar after rinsing the baking soda from your hair. Your hair will become smoother.

If you want to add some fragrance to your hair, you can apply essential oil, such as rose, lavender, or sweet orange oil, on the top of your head. Or you can replace it by mixing some fragrant essential oil with almond oil. With almond oil, you can add the moisturizing effect to the fragrance.