This Meditation Has Literally Changed My Life



Maria Amalia Hussong / Tijuana, Mexico


Meditation has literally changed my life. I started 3 years ago and from the first moment it made sense.

I am very grateful for being introduced to this method. I felt saturated, my brain full of the same repetitive thoughts. Tired running always running. My cells and Body filled with pictures not living the present moment. Filled with stuck emotions.

Each level came with a new level of real understanding! I feel a contentment that has nothing to do with the situations going on external to me. A sense of ease, new found FAITH.

It is amazing that we go to the bathroom to eliminate waste in our body, brush our teeth (hopefully) a few times a day. Yet out body is rotting with us being guided by our ghost, our past habits, blaming everyone else for our mishaps. And worst of all being separate from our Superior being that fountain of everything and each other.

I truly see and repent how it has all been my fault, how everything is already perfect, it’s a matter of letting go!

Let’s start throwing away together!!!

All I can do is say: Thank you, Thank You, Thank you Meditation!