About Hope


What is hope? A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen, wanting something to happen or be the case. People hope things, there are messages of hope out there. What is hope and why do we need hope? What is your hope?



The title of the painting is Hope.


A woman sitting lonely on a deserted earth,

not being able to see for her eyes are covered.

Her harp strings are cut.

The title Hope seems ironic.

Perhaps she may see a dimming light after shedding off the band that is covering her eyes.

We are covered by the pictures that overlap,

covered by our minds, not being able to see the real.

What is covering my eyes and makes me not see,

those who takes off, shall see,

so for her, there maybe hope left…

Grasping hope at the end of a dark tunnel, seems as if there is no hope, just nothing more to hold on to. Seeking and searching for hope. Just feels like a dead end. There are times of feeling like this in life, being in the mind is so.

Sometimes things happen in life, maybe unexpected, we don’t realize that everything comes from the mind. The only hope maybe, to come out from the mind world we are living in. Taking off what covers the eyes, not being able to see the real, throwing away what is in the mind will we be able to see the reality which is the true hope.