My Journey with the Method of Subtraction


Anuj Vasudeva


Anuj Vasudeva (Architect / Gurgaon, Haryana, India)

I started this meditation on 29th November 2014. Apprehensive I was, but at the same time was determined to find a way to let go of the baggage of the life I had accumulated so far.

A helper was there to guide me. Her enthusiasm was commendable. She was always smiling and welcoming as if she was gaining from helping me.

The directions I was given were alien to me. But I kept my patience and positive faith in the method I was following. The whole concept sounded very logical and seemed it was mother of all the logics which had been spoken about in all religions. The way to achieve it had always been absent and the mankind had been searching for it.

The art of subtraction was a bit awkward, initially. Practicing the method needed a tact like a kid trying to cycle for the first time. But slowly as I came to the end of level 1, the initial apprehension changed to a daily necessity. I felt light and free as if some load was being removed. An amateur cyclist started enjoying cycling without fumbling for pedals and searching for brakes at crucial moments.

The joy of completing level 1 was immense and my hunger for level 2 grew. By this time, I felt some energy was there to help me along this path: an invisible hand was holding and guiding me.

The need for daily prayers vanished, as I always felt connected to the universal energy. Level 2 seemed easier with this connection. I continued subtracting diligently with the support of helpers, who were always guiding me and answering my questions.

Nothing happened by chance. The Method was very precise, as if it was developed by the very source which created us. It expanded my consciousness and took me to an amazing moment on the last day of level 2. The state was surreal yet sublime, and it gave me a peep, the connection to the Universe – the Almighty.

It has been very fulfilling five months, leading me to hope for a promising final destination.

Thank you, helpers and my immense gratitude to the Method.