Now I Enjoy My Life The Way It Is


Vicky Huỳnh


Vicky Huỳnh (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

Even before I started this meditation, I was very interested in meditation and was looking for many places like temples. I haven’t started the meditation until I met this subtraction method. I attended the introductory seminar and signed up immediately because of the logical method and professional service.

The changes that one-year-meditation has brought me are unbelievable. I am a young and ambitious lady. That’s why I was always worried about my future. I was always nervous, sad and tired before. I desperately needed some solution for myself. That’s the time I started this meditation. Everything has got better day by day.

While I was practicing the meditation, I faced some big problems, like parents’ divorce, broken relationship with my boyfriend, and important exams to pass. Without the subtraction meditation, I don’t think I could’ve gone through such stressful and painful moments. This meditation helped me solve all.

With the enlightenments I got level by level, I naturally became a person who truly knows how to live in a truthful way. From a nervous and angry person, I became a confident person. I realized that my burden, pain and difficult things that came to my life manipulated my judgments and perspectives. I got to lay my walls down and work harder without worries, and the relationships with people improved step by step. Even without my expectations or wishes, good things always come along naturally. It is a miracle when you can truly give without expecting to be repaid.

Now, I can happily do anything that is given to me. I live with true gratitude to life and enjoy my life the way it is. I know that everybody has their own stories but we all have the same goal, that is, to live happily forever, of course, as new life of the universe. The subtraction meditation is the best and easiest way of achieving it. Human mind is so negative but I’m now on the way to the forever positive and happy world. As I am committed to do this meditation till the end, I hope everyone can also do it.